losing dial tone

  Garthyy 15:18 16 Jan 2003
  Garthyy 15:18 16 Jan 2003

If I leave my computer for any period with just outlook checking every 15 min, pc left on no standby mode, I frequently return to find I have no dial tone and have to reboot.
adsl usb modem win 98se

  Ranger 15:27 16 Jan 2003

Garthy same things happening with me with Alcatel usb modem with w2000 (in fact sometimes rebooting dosen't help) I phoned pipex support and they asked me to change the splitter to the modem and unplug all other phones in the house, this helps to get it going again if it still won't work on reboot. I am beginning to think I am getting a lot of interference on my line. I will be phoning Pipex again, hopefully tomorrow, I am about to start my shift at work just now, if they give me a solution tomorrow I will post

  Garthyy 15:44 16 Jan 2003

Hi Ranger - I was starting to think it was just me. Funnily enough I'm with Pipex and have an Alcatel modem.

  greenlamp 23:19 16 Jan 2003

alcatel usb modem is a common factor not pipex, on occasion I've had to reboot several times before the modem recognises a dial tone, does pipex use bt if so maybe this is also a common factor.

  Ranger 22:49 17 Jan 2003

Garthy, I disabled the power saving settings in my Bios setup and since then I have had no problems so far (I never phoned Pipex had to go to work early)maybe you could try the same and see if you get same results

  Ranger 22:50 17 Jan 2003

greenlamp, yes, Pipex do use BT

  greenlamp 23:23 17 Jan 2003

tried to log on tonight.
1] attempt timed out, closed connection window, retried got no dial tone message.


2] attempt timed out, closed connection window, retried got no dial tone message.

3] connected ok

several years ago when using libertyurf [o/s then win95se] for dial up connection something simular used to happen when either unable to connect first time or connection dropped. so possibly some software switch is not being reset correctly. so reboot is the only answer (even if it's not successful everytime).

  Garthyy 08:47 18 Jan 2003

Thanks Ranger will give it a go

  Garthyy 16:25 20 Jan 2003

Thanks to Ranger and Greenlamp for their help seems to sorted it

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