Losing connectivity on LAN

  aca 18:19 01 Feb 2006

Set up LAN via crossover cable. Network works but everyday on coming back and checking on the "secondary" pc getting a Limited Connectivity exclamation mark. (nothing on the main pc).

On going into details on the problem pc it sais words to the effect that the network wasnt able assign an ip address.

Thought this was due to an xp update but stopped this installing but this hasn't solved.

Only way I can clear is to do system restore. This works temporarily.

On my main pc I am running Sygate and have set a cover all Advance rule allowing the second pc incoming/outgoing access.

On the problem pc using XP firewall.

The only software running between switching on the pc and loss of connection is:

and my son running Rome Total War

Should I remove connection and start from scratch. Or is there anything that I should be looking for?


  recap 19:59 01 Feb 2006

Sounds as if you have DHCP running. If so disable DHCP and configure the IP addresses manually.

Machine one IP address:

Machine two IP address:

Subnet mask of both machines:

Before configuring these turn off any firewalls.

  aca 20:10 01 Feb 2006

recap thanks

new to networking so a very basic question.

Do I do this on machine by going into the Connection Properties and then on advanced then TCP/IP change here to settings you suggest.

I have checked my main pc and this is set up in the way you say

  aca 20:41 01 Feb 2006

Have changed the settings as suggested. Query over whether I need to put in values for default gateway.

Made advanced rule in sygate on main pc so...

icons show connected but cant get internet access on 2nd pc now, further help graetly appreciated

  mgmcc 09:29 02 Feb 2006

When you enable "Internet Connection Sharing" on the actual internet connection (modem connection) in the Host PC, it automatically configures the Local Area Connection's TCP/IP settings with the fixed IP address and subnet mask - you should not change these settings.

The Client PC should *normally* be set to get its IP address automatically, which it does by DHCP from the Host PC. While you can allocate fixed addresses, (a) ICS sometimes doesn't like this and (b) the Client's inability to get its IP address from the Host could indicate another issue, i.e. the two aren't communicating in the first place. Make sure that any firewall software is configured to allow access to the networked computers.

If you do need to allocate fixed addresses in the "Client" PC:

IP address -

Subnet Mask -

Default Gateway - (the Host's IP address)

DNS Server address - (the Host's IP address)

  aca 19:00 02 Feb 2006


have allocated fixed addresses

the DNS server setting did the trick

does this indicate any deeper issue/problem


  aca 19:27 02 Feb 2006

Got another issue, when I go to Network Places and go through MS network the only PC that shows on my Client is the Client.

When I try to the same on the Host the folder remains blank and locks up

  mgmcc 09:27 03 Feb 2006

Do you have at least one folder set as "shared" in each PC?

Is any firewall software configured to allow access to the networked computers?

In the "Local Area Connection" properties in the Network Connections folders, do you have both of these installed and ticked?

- Client for Microsoft Networks

- File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks

Still in the "Local Area Connection" properties, highlight the entry for "Internet protocol (TCP/IP)", click the Properties button and, in the next box, click the Advanced button. In the next again box, select the WINS tab and click "Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP". Click OK back through the boxes.

  pipedream 18:13 03 Feb 2006

You also need to make sure the workgroup name is the same for both PC's (usually MSHOME or WORKGROUP but can be anything). Check by going to Control Panel > System > Computer Name.

  aca 17:42 07 Feb 2006

mgmcc and pipedream

Done all your suggestions and still no go. On the bright side I can now print/game/access internet across the LAN so happy

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