losing connection to internet everytime

  Simac 10:50 11 Aug 2004

Hi this discussion had already been started, but I was unaware of the cause, now I have been updated by a friend a problem they had recently,
a small page popped up in the corner of the screen saying something like IPS blah blah, Undiscolsed caller, answer call or ignore, internet connection ceasing , when they pressed the ignore another smaller screen popped up and said internet turned off, both of these screens had fast moving green bands filling up at the bottom. Then a redial screen popped up, counting down from like 48 or 54 ish' to reconnect. When reconnection was established it would only last for a couple of minutes and the whole thing would start again.
Anyone any ideas on what caused this to happen!!

  [DELETED] 11:46 11 Aug 2004

There are a couple of progs that let you suspend a modem connection while you take a call, or alert you to an incoming call so you can disconnect from the net and take the call. Looks like one of these is installed on friends PC and that is what is kicking in but failing to do it's job properly. suggest you uninstall it.

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