Loses Disply settings.

  Bellboy 19:03 20 Sep 2003


Jetway KT 400 Motherboard
G-force4 MX440-8x VGA Card
Win 98SE

1. When my PC auto re-boots, or from Windows menu, the monitor "goes to sleep".
Only method of restore that I have found is to switch Monitor power off, then on.
2. Windows then loses all display settings.

N.B. Monitor OK from cold boot.

Loading P&P monitor did not work.
Running MS shutdown patch did not work.
De-selecting "Load Power Profile" did not work.
Switching monitors did not work.

Any ideas anyone?


  howard60 21:10 20 Sep 2003

sounds like a hibernation problem - disable hibernation and try again.

  Bellboy 22:38 20 Sep 2003

I have played about with the power settings and currently have the monitor set at "Never" switch off.
I have also looked for a clue in the MB/BIOS manual.
Both ,to no avail.
What happens at a restart, that would not happen at a cold boot?

  Bellboy 22:40 20 Sep 2003

I have also looked for a clue in the MB/BIOS manual. No mention of hibernation.

  howard60 08:52 29 Sep 2003

is a tab in the power settings under screen saver. Just right click on an empty spot on the screen and click on properties then screen saver and towards the bottom is the power button. Once in that screen if your system is up to date you will find a row of tabs at the top and in the middle is hibernation. There is a box for a tick if the tick is showing hibernation is enabled. Just click on it and take the tick out.

  Bellboy 22:05 04 Oct 2003

Sorry not to have finished this earlier, but I was away, tramping Mull.
I found a monitor setting which turned off power saving.
Whether this was from downloading the proper NEC driver,or my stupidity for not finding it earlier, I will never know.
OK now though.

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