lose conectiom

  March Wind 19:43 17 Jul 2013

The plug at the back of the PC is lose. The plug that has 2 srewa eitherside of the conexting plug and comes from the screen one of the srews that goes into the pc If I unscrew it it brings out the other part that it is screwsed into. Also the screen keeps going into diagunal lines and freeses Do yu think they r cunected to yhe same problem

  chub_tor 20:08 17 Jul 2013

From your description of the plug it sounds like a vga graphics card connector so yes if it is loose it will cause freezing and lines on your display

  March Wind 12:14 18 Jul 2013

It doese not have a graphices cared. if I touch the tower pc switches off,

Also a message comes up saying error I E This applicatione has requested thr runtime to terminate it is unusual way. Please contaxt the applications upport.

I think it has a lose conextion but where

  Woolwell 12:52 18 Jul 2013

From your description it is the cable between the monitor and PC that is loose. If you don't have a graphics card then your probably have graphics onboard your motherboard. You appear to have some major problems with your pc and it possible that your motherboard is damaged.

  March Wind 14:43 18 Jul 2013

Hi thank you for your reply. I have since taken the tower off and fitted a netbook. doing this I have lost the picture on the net book but the pc is working fine. Could tell me please how do I get the picture to also show on the netbook and the other screen? I did see the picture once as well as on the screen must have pressed a button whist putting in al the leads

  Woolwell 14:51 18 Jul 2013

The pc is not working fine but the monitor is. With laptops and netbooks you can choose to display either on the netbook screen, on the monitor only, both or two separate screens. There is usually a function key to toggle between them. But without knowing the make and model of the netbook it is difficult to advise. It would seem that you have major problems with your desktop tower.

  March Wind 10:04 19 Jul 2013

Toshiba NB100. The screen is on both until I changed the picture on this monitor. Maybe if I hadn't have changed it it would still be showing. Doesn't matter as long as this netbook is working and I think we would agree. if not let me know your opinion please. I might take the hard drives (2) out and get rid of the old towere as it is usless. Do I have to dispose of it in a speacial way I was thinking of takeing it on a coach for someone to look at for me but maybe that a bad idea.

  Woolwell 12:33 19 Jul 2013

With the hard drives out then your data is safe. Most council tips have a special place for pc's. The old tower may need a new motherboard which may not be cost effective but that depends on how old the tower is. On the Toshiba Function key and F3 should toggle between displays. The netbook will be slower than a tower.

  lotvic 14:27 19 Jul 2013

A loose cable connection could cause the pc to shut itself down.

If all that has happened is the barrel shaft screw, pic click here has worked loose, then you can screw it back in using a small pair of pliers.

Disconnect the pc from the mains electric (take plug out of wall socket) before you do any work on a pc.

  March Wind 18:33 22 Jul 2013

Thank you every one for your help. I am now using the netbook.

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