LOP spyware and search bars

  cadley 23:01 26 Apr 2005

Anyone got any way of removeing this LOP searchbar and spyware just did a search on here and the links are dead for previous threads.

  sidecar sid 23:05 26 Apr 2005
  cadley 07:44 27 Apr 2005

will try it later after work

  gudgulf 11:24 27 Apr 2005

Lop provide an uninstaller for the searchbar etc click here

  gudgulf 11:29 27 Apr 2005

....and in case you are worried about visiting the Lop site.Symmantec's listing on Lop advises using it click here as the first thing to try when removing Lop, and I have used it myself to clear a neighbour's pc when their kids put Messenger plus on the pc.

  cadley 18:34 27 Apr 2005

Tried downloading it and it is a trojan so my AVG wont let it save

  gudgulf 18:52 27 Apr 2005

Try click here for an alternative uninstaller and click here for a bit more info about av's detecting the uninstaller from the Lop site as a trojan.I found that IE has Lop.com in it's blocked sites list and wont download it either.The thing is it does work and I doubt very much if it is actually a trojan......but an executable from the Lop website.I suppose it is fair enough to flag that as undesirable,lol.If other removal methods don't work bear it in mind though.

  cadley 21:39 27 Apr 2005

It still wont let me download the uninstaller says something about check the disc isn't full or write protected...as it's my c drive with 100GB spare ....not sure where to go next

I can turn off AVG so thats not a problem
Tried the other remover but I am not sure what needs to be removed

  gudgulf 21:57 27 Apr 2005

What browser are you using? It downloads fine in Firefox.

Just for "fun" I downloaded and ran the tool after my last post.I use AntiVir av and it pounced on the file.So I overrode my av and downloaded it.What you get is a box with numbers in it.You enter the numbers in to the remova tool and press the button to remove Lop.I don't have it on my computer so it told me Lop was not there.If that happens you can force a scan to look for any lop folder etc on your system.

Try this....Switch off AVG and try the download again.The reason it gets picked up is that when you ask for the download Lop puts a small downloader on your pc in order to transmit the program to you. Your avg av will detect this as the Lop installer or trojan.Once you get it enter the number and run it...this will remove Lop for you.Once done delete the downloaded program and switch avg back on.Run a scan which will no doubt find the deleted removal tool and the download agent.....remove both with avg and your pc should be free of lop completely.

  cadley 22:37 27 Apr 2005

Using IE so I will find and install firefox turn of AVG and try that......I'll let you know what happens ....maybe tommorrow

  cadley 07:51 28 Apr 2005

installed firefox and downloaded the lop uninstaller file but it wont run....any ideas

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