loosing Broadband speed

  Phil-UK 13:06 13 Oct 2008


I live with 5 other people, I got my broadband (AOL) moved from my house to this house and in the evening we seem to get very poor download speed

I just ran a speed check at click here

and our current download is 3792Kbps with a upload of 348Kbps

at night this really drops and sometimes we even lose the connection for a hour or so.

I understand evening is a peak time so this can affect it but is there anything we can do to improve it?


  setecio 16:48 13 Oct 2008

It is odd to lose the connection if it is a contention issue. Noise on the line increases at night but I doubt it would have that much of an effect unless there is something that only operates at night ... machinery, plant equipment ??

  setecio 16:49 13 Oct 2008

If you want to pursue investigations, I'd suggest this forum where they are very helpful
click here

  Phil-UK 17:42 13 Oct 2008

I don't think there is anything like machinery near that effects it, I did have a look how far away the house is from the exchange and its not too far, its even stranger when I do a check and it says I should be able to get 6Mbps

thank you both for replying and i will check the website out


  ambra4 21:54 13 Oct 2008

Go to section 5 page 18 in the manual will tell you how to set up a Wireless ad hoc network set-up

Use this section if you want to connect the HP All-in-One directly to a wireless-capable

computer without using a wireless router or access point.

  ambra4 21:57 13 Oct 2008

sorry wrong posting

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