Loose power- jack

  crazy diamond 19:50 12 Oct 2004

Hi guys,
I've recently bought a 'faulty' Advent 6418 lappy off ebay.The price was too good to miss.The fault is..The person who had it before me,forgot the he was still connected to the mains,moved the l/t to put it away and realised what he'd done after he'd done it!So he sold it with a wobbly power-jack.With a bit of fiddling about,I can get the lead balanced and it's fine until the door slams or it gets breathed on then, 'coz the battery's not getting a full charge,my lappy cuts out.Now I'm taking your advice and I'm definately NOT going to start poking around inside,desk tops are one thing but these babies are whole different ball game.So,not wanting to spend more than I paid for it{£230}can you advise me on a repairer,preferably in the Sussex area,who can..'A'Repair it and 'B'Not stripe me up for doing so.

Thank you


  howard60 20:50 12 Oct 2004

have you tried the wedge shaped matchstick to jam it? as a retired electrical engineer you would be suprised at how many times a little bit of insulated wedging has done the trick.

  Dorsai 21:00 12 Oct 2004

Is sounds, an i say sounds, like a soldered joint got bust. Hence it works if cable held at righ angle.

If you are not going to 'delve into it's guts, solder iron in hand' the do as howard60 sais. Jam the cable into a working position with a match stick. Bit Heat-Robinson, but hay, if it works...

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