Drewmo 08:25 01 Apr 2018

looking to get first time PC for Adobe premier video and photoshop photo editing but I don't feel confident doing so myself, are they any specific builds or bundles that would be ideal for me? I don't mind buying 2nd hand to lower costs if it means I can get a better pc

  john bunyan 08:42 01 Apr 2018

Do you want a desktop or a laptop? A desktop with a good monitor would be good for those applications. The more RAM the better. When you decide which option we can make more specific recommendations.

  Drewmo 09:04 01 Apr 2018

Desktop yes

  john bunyan 12:03 01 Apr 2018

I would wait a day or two for suggestions but as a start have a look at Novatech and Chillblast as suppliers. One exampe of Novatech is


Plus a good monitor, I suggest a 24” one, Do wait for more suggestions as Easter is delaying responses at the moment.

  AroundAgain 12:18 01 Apr 2018

I can vouch for Novatech. They're very helpful and you can have specific requirements added to your build.

After care is fantastic, for as long as your machine is in use

  modis90 12:52 04 Apr 2018

My vote for PhotoShop

  Drewmo 21:38 06 Apr 2018

I have been looking at those with decent gpu&cpu I just feel not confident at all witch it probably why I haven't made a purchase yet, It's a desktop PC I'm looking for for this wondering

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