Looking for a tweak for XP system restore

  JYPX 23:16 13 Jul 2004

Anybody know of any software or software suites, you know, something like "Tweak XP To Within An Inch Of It's Tweaking Life And Then Reformat" type software that will let me take complete control of my system restore points - I want to auto set a restore point in XP moments after I boot up (please don't ask....it's a very dull story). I can only find 1 piece of software that does that - it's $15 and that's all it does - I may just have to buy it anyway...

  Indigo 1 23:25 13 Jul 2004

Dull story or not, I think we should hear it.

It might narrow the search.

Why would anyone need to set restore points immediately after boot up ?

  Night Ryder 23:25 13 Jul 2004

Only thing I can think of is go to system tools and schedule tasks. You can schedule the system restore to run every time you start the computer.

  [email protected] 23:35 13 Jul 2004

I use "Go-back" which I got with Norton Systemworks 2003.

I use that because I found system restore unreliable & next to useless.

I actually just used it today after a bit of tinkering - it works and does it reasonable fast.

It seems to set a restore point pretty frequently & every time you reboot (I think, not 100% sure though 'cos at work just now).

You could pick up Systemworks 2003 for about £7 on ebay.

  JYPX 23:37 13 Jul 2004

Well......about once every 3 months I lose my restore points. I have never found out why - when I check I find that system restore is still turned on and a new point can be set without problems. I run 4 spyware detectors, and Norton.
This little problem has never caught me out but it could do one day. So, I want the security of a restore point before I do anything on my pc instead of leaving xp to set the next restore point.

  JYPX 23:47 13 Jul 2004

2 good suggestions to investigate - thanks guys.
[email protected] suggests that system restore is unreliable and indeed I get the impression that it is a little flakey - but, I still think it is one of the best things that microsoft have ever done and if I can just make it work how I want it to then that will do for me.

  Rickman 10:54 14 Jul 2004

If you use Real Player, this could be the culprit,
Microsoft actually mention this on their Website
under the System Restore FAQ's,although it would seem neither Microsoft or Real Player want to fully admit or correct the problem. What I understand happens, is that at some point if Real Player is running/run when system restore is due to make a restore point it purges all the previous restore points..
Hope this helps. Rickman.

  Jackcoms 11:10 14 Jul 2004


I'm a little surprised that you need/want system restore points going back for three months or more.

On the basis that they gobble up HD space, I tend to purge mine every couple of weeks, anyway. It's surprising how much space it frees up.

Or am I the odd one out?

  Stuartli 11:44 14 Jul 2004

System Restore, by default, is set to 12 per cent of available HDD space.

This was a figure settled on when HDD capacities were nowhere near the three-figure GB numbers of today.

So why not reset the System Restore default to a lower value if you have a big HDD?

Mine's at three per cent for a 60GB drive (1533MB).

  BurrWalnut 11:48 14 Jul 2004

You could change the interval between system restore points. Run regedit and navigate to registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\SystemRestore.

In RPGlobalInterval it is set to 86400 (seconds) which represents 24 hours. Change it accordingly.

  JYPX 21:24 14 Jul 2004

Ok. Thanks for all advice - Rickman in particular as I use real player a lot.

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