Looking for small (physical size) PSU

  g0slp 14:47 24 Jun 2003

I'm having great difficulty sourcing a new small PSU, dimensions 100mm wide x 124mm deep x 64mm high, mounted to the case using 3 screws. 200W preferred, although 150W would do at a pinch.

Suggestions gratefully received

Thanks in advance


  g0slp 17:53 24 Jun 2003


  Valvegrid 18:05 24 Jun 2003

Hi Mark,

Do they make small new 200W psu's that size now-a-days? They are usually much bigger than that because of the large amount of power required by the extra hardware added these days.

I'll have a look at work and see if there's any there and let you know.

73 Paul G4LNA.

Don't think they sell them anymore. Why don't you just get a new 300W ATX case for about £15 from click here

  g0slp 19:18 24 Jun 2003

You know how it is - trying to save the pennies!

Problem has arisen after a local "expert" upgraded the machine in question from a 450MHz machine to 1300MHz, with additional memory too. Nice spec, but unfortunately he didn't check the PSU, which only 150W, hence "BANG".

Not my machine, I hasten to add........

Thanks again anyway. Will search further for a couple of days, but as the Schwartz suggests, I may have to get a new case. Hope the mobo fits....

  -pops- 19:25 24 Jun 2003

Doesn't your "expert" have any sense of guilt about being so incompetent?

As a one time regular computer builder, I had liability insurance for just such an event as this. I never needed to use it though, I took care in what I did.


  g0slp 17:06 26 Jun 2003

Eventually bit the bullet & got that cheap new case from ebuyer - all well now.

Pops, no, there was no shame, embarrassment or sense of responsibility on the part of this "expert" - his response was that it was working OK when it left his workshop, & it was a few days before it failed anyway.......

I could pursue the matter, but as I sorted things out for less than £20 it's not worth the aggravation. I won't be recommending this joker to anyone though.......

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