Looking for a program to choose browser

  Muergo 21:56 27 Jun 2012

Does anyone know of a program or addon etc where one can choose a browser when clicking on a link instead of having to go back and change the default browser setting from Options.

I use three browsers, each has its own merits and I would like to be able to say, left click a link directing it to a specific one.

  rdave13 22:28 27 Jun 2012

If you're using Windows then let IE to be your default browser always. To do with links but that is another subject. Whatever new browsers you download then refuse them to be the default browser and tick the box to remember this.

  Woolwell 22:46 27 Jun 2012

Is this left click from emails? If so it will always open your default browser.

  Muergo 02:16 28 Jun 2012

I think I have been misunderstood or I didn't explain what I wanted very clearly. Alternatively, what I want does not exist.

I have IE as my default browser but if I want a particulat item to open up in Firefox or Chrome, there is no way , at the moment , to do this other than to change the default browser.

What I want is for an "ask me every time" option so I could choose which browser to which to send this item, whether this is a right click, centre click or whatever.

Also I used to have a little addon/feature that would let me move a tab from one browser to another but can't find that now.

  rdave13 09:43 28 Jun 2012

I've found this but I haven't used it so can't recommend or otherwise.

  Muergo 10:22 28 Jun 2012

Thank you rDave, your link gave a little program to do exactly what I needed and linked to two other programs doing similar "Browser tray switch" and "Choosy".

I put these up in case others might be interested.

In IE9 the "smartscreen" threw up a warning about Browserchooser causing trouble with my computer and refusing to download, but switching to Firefox there is no such warning.

Anyway I shall look at all three.

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