Looking for a powerful Pre-built Desktop

  Forge72 08:53 24 Aug 2018

Hi, I am relatively new to all this computer stuff so sorry in advance if I sound like an idiot. I like to play Bethesda games (Skyrim, New Vegas etc) with a lot of mods (30+) and a nice enb, but my current rig just doesn't cut it. I can't even run FO4 with regrowth overhaul and 10 smaller mods without some serious turbulence when more than just dog meat is being loaded. I have roughly 4500$ budget, which is very flexible. I would rather pre-built but if building is much can result in a much more powerful desktop then I can do it. If I could get it to a point where there are no frame drops, but I can still use a few mods that would be great.

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