Looking at Pipex 500k BB and networking

  Ironman556 00:34 19 Oct 2003

Hi, I'm looking at upgrading to broad band from BT dial-up.

Looked at NTL, found a great package, checked area code online, rang customer services to double check, and we can't get it.

Now looking at Pipex 500k, which seems highly recommended on this site. Is this still a good choice?

I'd like to split the connection between two PC's (and ideally be able to use both on the net at once if possible). One PC is running Gigabyte GA-6BXE, 500MHz PIII & 98SE, the other is Asus A7N8X, XP2800 & XP Pro. One PC is upstairs the other down, so I would like to network wirelessly and make it so that I can connect with either or both PCs turned on, is this possible?

My last question is about buying/renting hardware. I'm told that a lot of people buy their modems as when you disconnect from the service they take the modems back. As most ISP's are giving free modems I don't see a problem, but would I be better to buy my own anyway, and if so is internal/external best?

Any comments & pointers towards hardware (as I know nothing about networking) are welcome.

  Joanne_1 01:09 19 Oct 2003

To state the obvious, internal take up no desktop space v external that are more versatile.

You will need a router with inbuilt switch to share the internet connection and file sharing, that way the main PC doesnt have to on for the others to use BB, you will probably find the configuration easier if you have the PC with Winxp installed as the main one thats connected to the modem.
Also if you use a router you will need an ethernet modem.

  Ironman556 02:03 19 Oct 2003

Thanks, I know speeds on CDRW's can differ using internal/external, wondered if an internal modem would perform better, but at 500K woudl it make a noticeable difference.

So I'd be able to plug one PC straight into the router, and set up the other to the router via a wireless network? What would be the limitations, ie. would I be able to use both at once or would the switch be either to one PC or the other or is that dependant upon the router I get?

Could you point me in the direction of a suitable router & wireless LAN connections.

Also I'm not sure about modem, for ~£18 I can get an Alcatel SpeedTouch 330 ADSL modem with 2 filters, would that be compatible with all routers?

Sorry to keep asking questions, but I'm trying to get my head round BB & networking in one go :-s.

  acfc 08:07 19 Oct 2003

Firstly Pipex. I have been with them for over a year now and have had no problem even when I moved house and transferred my ADSL so I would highly recommend them.

As for connecting 2 PC's, I have recently been looking at the same option. So far the best idea for me is to buy an ADSL Modem/wireless router which I will connect to the NIC on one PC and via an internal wireless card in the other. Try here for some options click here

I am still trying to decide on 802.11b or 802.11g but hopefully someone with more knowledge than me could advise on that.

  Ironman556 15:59 19 Oct 2003

I'll look into the all-in-one wireless adsl modem routers, if I had one of them I wouldn't need the modem from pipex would I? And I'd have to buy filters, but it sounds a good idea.


  Ironman556 21:34 19 Oct 2003

My 2800XP, Win XP PC has dual LAN. If I were to plug the BB modem in one port and a wireless networking thing in the other, then stuck a wireless network thing in my other PC, woulld that be a cheaper workaround Can an input to one LAN port be taken as an output from the other without the PC being on?

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