Looking for photo's with no names !

  Baskerville 13:22 05 May 2010

Hello All,

This is not life or death but annoying and it's wasting a lot of time.

I'm looking for a couple of photos on my laptop, but as I've not named them they exist somewhere as DSC jpg, but I don't know the image number and I have hundreds of them so it is hard to find them, I have looked in loads of folder but still not found them
I put them on Google Earth last year and I can access them no problem, but when I come to save from GE they are a fraction of the original size and I need them to be much larger.

Can anyone help to find them or am I just a clot for not giving them a name ?


  Technotiger 14:07 05 May 2010

Have you tried Search, Pictures Music or Video and then type the name as just DSC jpg, see what happens.

  Seth Haniel 14:15 05 May 2010

you can search between dates

  northumbria61 14:21 05 May 2010

I presume you have named all of of your other photos and if so you could try the following - click START - Search Program & Files - type in "DSC.jpg" and you should get something like DSCF0--- in a LIST which you may find easier to SCROLL through.

Depending on your OS you will get a LIST then at the bottom "see more results" which you should click on.

Hope this helps.

  Bagsey 16:19 05 May 2010

Have you tried PICASSA? Its free and it will automatically find all the photos on your computer. When it is finished look through the collection and find the image you want. Right click and then go to properties this will give you the place to look for your image.

  Baskerville 20:21 05 May 2010

Done all of the above but still too many images to go through, the Picasa was a good idea but it will not perform on my comp for some reason, program says it cannot load up some files ??

took it off the machine now, anything else similar to Picasa that I could use anyone ? I like the idea that a program can find all my photo's,

Many thanks,


  woodchip 22:31 05 May 2010

In search type *.jpg press enter

  woodchip 22:33 05 May 2010

After the above look for a number etc before .jpg

  Baskerville 23:52 05 May 2010

Anything like Picasa that will file all my photo's for me out there?


  onthelimit 09:09 06 May 2010

I've never had a problem with Picassa on loads of machines. Might be worth trying another install.

  Baskerville 10:06 06 May 2010

I have tried twice to download, it downloads ok and starts to gather all the images but then stops and says it had a problem and windows will look for an answer to the problem but just hangs there, this is Picassa 3 but is there a later version out there I could download ? and is there an official site for this download, it seems to be the answer to my problem if I can manage to get it up and running ok,

many thanks,


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