looking for an outline font type

  Smokeyone 09:32 19 Dec 2008

I wonder if anyone knows of a font outline type where the infilled space is white. I need something like this to go over a multicoloured background and have searched hundreds of font pages. An alternative answer might be to infill an existing font style if someone could explain how to do this.

  MAJ 10:09 19 Dec 2008

You could use "Alba Super", even though it has a transparent infill, a graphics program could be used to overcome that problem by saving each letter you need as a gif or png image.

  Smokeyone 10:11 19 Dec 2008

Thank you for the help. Would the prgramme work so as to save the complete true type file so that I could add it to my fonts file..

  MAJ 10:18 19 Dec 2008

Just thinking again, Smokeyone, it might be tricky to do it. Someone on the forum had a font creating program, Pesala (I think), it might be a far better option. Try a search of the forum for mention of it, it wasn't that long ago, within the last two months I think.

  MAJ 10:26 19 Dec 2008

I think Pesala mentioned this site click here

  Smokeyone 10:33 19 Dec 2008

That seems a brilliant idea but would assume you would still only have a black font.My problem is that the multicoloured background shows through an outline font and though it is easier to read than a solid font it's still not perfect. Really I am looking for a white font with a black outline but maybe it's not possible in a TT file.

  Woolwell 10:50 19 Dec 2008

Adamsky Outline may meet your requirements click here

Native Normal click here has shading and is upper case only.

  Woolwell 10:56 19 Dec 2008

Sorry you still have the same problem of background showing through - should have read your previous post closer.

  Woolwell 11:06 19 Dec 2008

I may be muddying the waters but I am trying to work out what the end product looks like. I assume that you are printing the background and text. Using Serif PagePlus X3 I can choose a font like Cooper Black insert it over a colured background then I change the font colour to white and the change the line of the text to black and I end up with white outline text on a coloured background.

  Smokeyone 11:51 19 Dec 2008

Thank you for trying to assist but if you wished to over write images would it still work...
That's the problem I have - black does not show up well, white is very slightly better but not much, grey a bit better, outline is best but if such a thing exists, black outline with a white infill - not transparent.
I could work around the problem by having the text in different parts of the image - re different images - depending upon the background but it would be better to keep the text in the same place on each image. A font file would be the easiest option - cannot really hand colour dozens of words...

  DippyGirl 12:34 19 Dec 2008

Not sure exactly what you are after but looking through the fonts in Inkscape Gazzerelli is a white font with a black outline
Google gives click here as a download site
Or you may find something else there
- sorry if this is way off beam

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