Looking For New Wireless Router, Budget = £120

  SpartanCoca 22:34 03 Apr 2010

So I'm looking for a new router and planning to upgrade it from my old Linksys WAG54GS ver 1.1

The router must be compatible with my xbox 360 and PS3 and need one long ass range since I play my 360 and PS3 from my bedroom which is 3 floors high and my router sits at the 1st floor.

Also I use my internet ALOT.

Got any ideas anyone?

  Devil Fish 22:54 03 Apr 2010

looks like cable but could you confirm

cable or Adsl

  SpartanCoca 23:15 03 Apr 2010


  CalmCookie 10:06 04 Apr 2010

Try using one of these...I can recommend them (if that's anything to go by)

Saves with struggling Wireless signals over long distances...

click here

It safely uses your electrical house wiring to connect your router to an xbox or ps3 or pc.


  matt2000 18:38 11 Apr 2010

belkin n+ is the fastest ruter it's signal can go up to 5 floors aprox £121

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