Looking for a new PC...any advice?

  vaughan007 12:34 05 Nov 2004

Afternoon everyone.

That time to shell out for a new PC is upon me again.

I have about £500 to spend so I know I am not going to get some sort of mega machine!

However, I am not interested in a new monitor, keyboard, mouse, cables, printer, etc.

I am also not interested in any software bundle that comes with it as I have all the software I need.

I also have a very good graphics card already so I am not bothered if the one that comes with the system is rubbish.

I Basically just want the new PC bit but I cant seem to find anywhere decent that sells this sort of thing.

Does anyone have any suggestions on shops/websites I can look at?


  lignum vitae 12:54 05 Nov 2004

I bought a refurbished(appeared new) fron buyit247.net six months ago for £400 and have been delighted with it.XP3000 processor 1024 Mb DDr PC333 Memory....160GB Hard Drive7200rpm...dvd-rom Drive 16x...4usb2 ports etc etc.
Next day delivery....have a look you wont be sorry.
This is taken fron their "home page"
A refurb bought from PC Interworks Ltd, is a way of buying the latest technology at a considerable discount without having to take risks!

What is a "Refurb"?

"Refurb or Grade 2" is short for refurbished. PC Interworks is currently the only company in the U.K. officially appointed by Fujtisu Siemens Computers to purchase any computers returned to Fujitsu Siemens (for whatever reason) and to test, repair or replace components and then re-market their products.

Why do computers get returned?

Well, for many different reasons but the main one is from the "DOA" process. Dead on Arrival, means that when a brand new computer arrives with a customer and they take it out of the box, the computer will not work. It may be that it just won't turn on, the hard drive doesn't work, the CD won't eject, or simply that the operating system crashes. Whatever the reason, when a machine is diagnosed as DOA Fujitsu Siemens Computers offers a policy of exchanging these machines for a brand new machine. Fujitsu Siemens then take these machines back from the customers and sell them all to PC Interworks LTD.

PC Interworks LTD then spends a lot of time testing and correcting

  vaughan007 13:32 05 Nov 2004

Thanks for that.

The PC that they have on the "Grade 2" bit is very good for the money and would certainly achieve everything I would want.

But its out of stock. lol.

Nevermind, I guess you have to keep checking back and be quick off the mark!


  stylehurst 14:13 05 Nov 2004

Have a look at the Novatech site, they sell at the price levels you are considering; without monitor or software; even without an operating system if that is what you want.
I have dealt with them for over 10 years & they have always been reliable.
click here

  Noelg23 14:30 05 Nov 2004

of course there is click here just like Novatech but some stuff cheaper, really they are both the same, but you cant complain.

  pj123 14:51 05 Nov 2004
  Zak 15:03 05 Nov 2004
  Cook2 15:29 05 Nov 2004

Have a look at these 'Barebone Systems' click here
I've just built my son one for under £300. I always use Novatech. As stylehurst says, great company, never had a problem with them.

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