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Looking for New Desktop Computer

  hiwatt 14:46 19 Dec 2016

Hi Folks. Not been on here in a wee while. I'm looking to get a computer around the £300 mark.It's only to be used for basic internet browsing,online shopping etc.Nothing too demanding. Could anyone recommend a decent desktop around that price point. I already have a monitor(albeit with the older VGA connection) Any help/advice would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:52 19 Dec 2016

sounds like you want a Barebones PC just google for barebone

here are the offerings from Novatek click here

  hiwatt 15:02 19 Dec 2016

Hi Fruit Bat /\0/\ It's for a christmas present(left a bit late,I know)and it would need an OS. I have windows 7 and really like it.The ones I was looking at in PC world etc come with windows 10 and a lot of people don't seem to like it. Is there anything anyone would recommend from any such shops? What about this kind of thing?click here is it possible to downgrade to windows 7 at all?


  hiwatt 16:00 19 Dec 2016

Thanks for that rdave13. Would this pc be considered slow at only 1.6GHz? click here

  martd7 16:07 19 Dec 2016

This isn't bad,choice of which operating system

click here

  hiwatt 16:37 19 Dec 2016

Is that last system not geared towards gamers and such? It's just for my girlfriend who's computer skills don't go beyond browsing the web,shopping and watching youtube :) At least I've got a few ideas. I may have to pay a bit more as I would like her to have a monitor with it actually as the one she has is around 10 years old. P.s what is the problem with windows 10 anyway?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:34 19 Dec 2016

browsing the web,shopping and watching youtube :)

sounds like all she needs is a tablet :0)

  martd7 23:10 19 Dec 2016

System with monitor just a lower spec cpu Amd 4300

click here

  amitzale 07:35 20 Dec 2016

you can check out here the review of new gadget to get best deal in market.

  hiwatt 17:59 20 Dec 2016

Hi Folks. Thanks for the suggestions thus far. I was rather hoping that I could pick something up in store in PC world etc. There isn't a lot of options available really. Is this reasonable enough for basic computing?click here haven't a clue about processor speed etc. Thanks folks.


  hiwatt 12:25 28 Dec 2016

Hi Folks.I went with the Lenovo one I posted in the link.I had left it last minute as a gift so had to be able to pick it up in store.So far it's really good.Very responsive,very quick on youtube and online etc.If it lasts it will be more than suitable.Didn't come with a lot of bloatware either. I've got to know windows 10 really well over the last couple of days.Now just to get my girlfriend acquainted with it :) Thanks folks.

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