Looking for new desktop computer!

  RyanWilson 22:19 18 Dec 2011

Hey guys, so im looking for a new desktop computer to replace my 8 year old, shabby existing one that has finally reached its end! Im a student studying web design so the computer has to have plenty of storage! im looking for an i5 processor so things are nice and speedy. I play the odd game on my computer (well i tried to :s ) so i would like a decent dedicated graphics card to come along with it.

Now my budget is £550 might stretch it a little, if its worth it! The £550 will be for a monitor AND a monitor. 22" or more :p

Im asking for assistance on here because ive been looking around for ages, fooling myself into beleiving i know what im on about. which i dont. My brother, a computer know it all has told me that i want them ^ specs, but i still cant find one, so please help :) thanks

  KRONOS the First 05:41 19 Dec 2011

I am presuming you do not want two monitors? You have indicated that your brother says you need those specs? The only component you have mentioned is a i5 CPU ans a graphics card as you play the odd game. It would help if you mentioned what the odd game is as it will certainly have a bearing on the graphics card.

  RyanWilson 12:39 19 Dec 2011

No i only want the one minitor, have you ever heard of 'Minecraft'? and i enjoy to play the odd 'rollercoaster tycoon' games and 'sims'. nothing extravagant.

  KRONOS the First 13:00 19 Dec 2011

Try this site PC Specialist. Get your brother to give you a hand in selecting your components.

  chub_tor 10:31 20 Dec 2011

As an alternative to PC Specialist you could have these from Novatech Base Unit and 23" monitor

  ukpostcode 22:38 20 Dec 2011

Novatech are good & if you can see what you want ring them and ask. Great customer service, builds & support.

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