Looking for a new basic laptop

  bumpkin 19:50 30 Apr 2018

I am not a great laptop fan as the ones I have had in the past have been pretty useless in terms of battery life and speed. They were both given to me however so I shouldn't moan. Ny current one is an old Toshiba Satellite Windows 8 and despite a new battery only lasts an hour or so and incredibly slow. I was looking at this click here cheap one. Any opinions on it for basic stuff like browsing and dealing on ebay without it taking forever to react.

  bumpkin 20:52 11 May 2018

I got the charger today and YES that is the kind of thing I wanted. Have set it up and played with it for a few hours and it is fast compared to anything I have had before. Now trying to find a basic user guide online but can only seem to find manuals. Can anyone help please.

  bumpkin 16:41 12 May 2018

At home, though, I would transform it to a "desktop".

Thanks rdave but I have desktops and my very reason for getting it is that it is NOT a desktop:-).

  Forum Editor 19:22 14 May 2018

Are you pleased with your laptop?

  Forum Editor 22:55 21 May 2018

It is, as someone once said, a funny old world.

As your thread developed, I took several looks at your little HP laptop, and it looked to me to be more and more of a value-for-money proposition. After a while I thought why not? and I bought one.

I have had it for a few days now, and I am impressed - it is a good example of something that defines the phrase 'fit for purpose'. it's not the fastest laptop in the world - I have two that leave it standing. It's display resolution could be better, but with a small screen, and a bright one at that, it doesn't really matter. I will not be using it for gaming, or video editing, or graphic design - it will be used for documents, spreadsheets and the like, which is exactly what it was designed for.

It slips neatly into my shoulder bag, is a joy to use on a train, and its backlit keyboard is a delight in low-light situations.

I'm very pleased with it, as you can tell. it just goes to show that you don't have to spend hundreds of pounds on the latest brand new thing to get a computer that is a joy to use, even when it's a reconditioned unit that has been around the block a few times. Mine is immaculate, by the way.

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