Looking for MB manual help please

  bof:) 16:05 29 Sep 2004

Hi All,

I'm looking for the instruction manual for a Chaintech 440LX 6LTS-M101 Motherboard.

I've tried the Chaintech website and google but all I can find is offers to buy a mb and nothing on the chaintech site.

My brother in law has been having problems with his PC

(no power at bootup.... click here)

This morning he says that last night he managed to get it started but it said 'CMOS checksum error' and his clock on PC was way out, which I believe is a cmos battery fault.

As neither of us have ever replaced a battery before I asked him if he had his manual that came with his PC. He did until recently when he threw it away. So now I want to get hold of a copy and read up on replacing the CMOS battery.

I understand that not all batteries can be replaced,(or am I wrong?) it depends upon the age of the motherboard, this mb is 6-7 years old I think.

With the help of the manual and your goodselves I plan on having a go at replacing the battery if its at all possible. I'm hoping it can be done cos the PC is used by his kids.

many thanks for your help,


  ventanas 16:17 29 Sep 2004

The batteries just clip in. Why not take it out and show it to your local PC repair shop and ask if they can match it.

  Stuartli 16:20 29 Sep 2004

Manuals for Chaintech motherboards can be obtained from its website:

click here

You've probably been looking under Support rather than Downloads.

  Noelg23 16:20 29 Sep 2004

motherboards that old will be obselete these days but they should have manuals for them somewhere...

  Noelg23 16:20 29 Sep 2004

motherboards that old will be obselete these days but they should have manuals for them somewhere...

  Stuartli 16:23 29 Sep 2004

Some mobo batteries are straightforward to replace, some are soldered.

Most mobos use the same CMOS type battery.

  Carpigiani 16:33 29 Sep 2004

There is a manual listed for the 6LTS here /click here

  Stuartli 16:37 29 Sep 2004

Bios update here if you ever get it going and need it:

click here

  dan 11 16:41 29 Sep 2004

Hewre is a picture of a 6lts motherboard, it should be similar to the 6lts. The battery should just pop out.click here It's the round thing to the right of the pci slots.

  Stuartli 16:42 29 Sep 2004

The comment about a quarter of the way down in this link may prove interesting:

click here

  dan 11 16:43 29 Sep 2004

That should say it is a picture of a 6ltm motherboard.

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