looking for a laptop, advice needed

  Lcd83 19:43 15 Feb 2010

i am looking into buying a laptop, to replace my current desktop as i need something more mobile, but there seem to be so many options im not sure what is the best to go with, it wont be purely for gaming but i would like to be able to play games on it (including newer games if possible) so need something that can handle that, but my budget is only about £600 although i could push that to about £750 if i really had to.

would any of these be ok?

click here

click here

thanks in advance for any advice

  ame 21:20 15 Feb 2010

Yes - but one person on here has just had a bad experience with the supplier you've linked to click here It doesn't mean you will, of course, but check them out by searching the web for comments/problems and make your own mind up. Perhaps one of the newer i-series intel processors (e.g.i5 or i7) is worth searching for for future-proofing gaming apps. Toshibas reputedly more reliable over 2 to 3 years than HP, according to a recent survey, but that wouldn't put me off an especially good deal on an HP.

  ame 21:35 15 Feb 2010

Sorry - not "just" had a bad experience, but advice re. searching this site and web generally applies.

  ame 21:54 15 Feb 2010

Check Dell click here for the i5 model. Only thing missing is wireless n upgrade option but don't think that'll be a major issue. i3 model also worth considering to keep nearer budget.

  Lcd83 21:59 15 Feb 2010

thanks for the reply, i did a search on that supplier and have see a few negative comments, although i didnt really plan on using them, i just happened to come across those laptops on a search.

as for the processors, im struggling there, i keep hearing i should go for the core 2 duo? and then as you just said, the 15 and 17 also an option, will the i3 be ok for new games?

i hear a lot of good things about toshiba and sony, but not sure which are best in my price range

thanks for the help so far

  ame 23:06 15 Feb 2010

The problem is getting the same spec laptop from different suppliers - there are very often different processors, hard drives, RAM, etc. Core2duo is currently fine for "normal" gaming, as is the i3. The i5 is new-ish and sensibly affordable in laptops, but the latest i7 is expensive. The processor speed/no. of cores and the ability to add up to 8gb RAM to the mainboard (with 64 bit Windows 7)is the main thing for future proofing your laptop generally, and the graphics card is also important if you want to play tomorrow's games. Remember that upgrading a laptop is difficult, apart from e.g. RAM, so if you want something to last 3-5 years and still play games go for the i5, if you can afford it.

  ame 23:32 15 Feb 2010

click here This might help you...or maybe just confuse you further! At some point, you just have to dive in....!

  ame 00:31 16 Feb 2010

To save you time, according to website:-

Laptop processor rankings from the above site are:
TurionX2 ZM84 - ranking 82
Core2Duo T6570 - ranking 60
i5 430-M - ranking 19

But the processor model is critical - e.g. T6570 - you can have very fast core2duo processors with different model numbers.

It's a realy cr*p system, if you can call it that.

  ame 00:48 16 Feb 2010

And graphics cards:-

HD4530 - ranking 39
HD4570 - ranking 33
HD 5730 - ranking 14

So you can eventually see, the Dell is significantly better in terms of processing power for a realistic premium ...until tomorow.

  Lcd83 12:30 16 Feb 2010

i am liking the look of the dell i5, i havent been able to find anything better for that price, although i am still looking to see if i can find something like that for a lower price, as unlikely as that may be

how about reconditioned laptops? are they a good idea and would i be likely to get more for my money?

these are the specs of a couple of games i would likely play which is probably about the most intensive thing the laptop will be used for...untill newer games come out that is

OS - Windows XP/Vista/Windows7
Processor - XP - 1.4ghz or faster Vista/W7 - 2.0hgz or faster
Memory - XP-512MB Ram, Vista/W7 - 1GB Ram
Video Card - 128MB minimum. Nvidia FX 5900 Ultra or greater; ATI Radeon 9800 or greater; Intel 82915G/82910GL or greater

CPU: Pentium IV 2.0 GHz, Athlon XP 2000+ (XP) // Pentium IV 2.4 GHz, Athlon XP 2400+ (Vista)
RAM: 1.5 GB (XP) // 2.0 GB (Vista)
Graphics: GoForce Go 6200, Radeon mobile 9600 (XP and Vista)
Video RAM: 128 MB (XP and Vista)

another laptop i have been looking at is
click here

a little bit cheaper im not sure how it compares to the dell

  ame 15:44 16 Feb 2010

Toshibas are very good quality so you pay more for the same spec from reputable suppliers generally, I think you'll find. According to the same site, the Core 2 Duo P7450 is ranked 47 and the GT230M is ranked 61. The Toshiba's screen is smaller at 16 inches. I am confused by the RAM spec - at the top of the page it infers DDR2 is used, but lower down the spec says DDR3 - you'd need to check that out. The Toshiba does have wireless n, but that's not a great advantage for most people currently. If you're buying it from the suppliers given in the link on that page, you would be very well advised indeed to search this site and the web generally for customers' experiences. I still think the Dell is the better bet, and no middle-man to deal with either! However, the game specs you have given are undemanding so you could buy the i3 Dell if money is tight. Not as good a bargain in the longer run, though. Good luck.

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