Looking inside a RAR file

  Liteman 12:45 21 Mar 2014

I have received an mail that has a RAR attachment. The contents of the email are such that it can only have been written by someone who knows me, i.e. its not been generated automatically and the suggested contents could be useful to me. Unfortunately my reply to him bounced as his email company saw me as spam. Is there any way I can view the contents of a RAR file without actually opening it and possibly exposing my PC to some sort of nasty surprise?

  lotvic 13:30 21 Mar 2014

I wouldn't risk it.

"Unfortunately my reply to him bounced as his email company saw me as spam"

So is this someone you normally have no problem emailing? Seems funny if suddenly your emails are seen as spam. Have you tried sending a plain text email with no attachements to him?

This info might be help you decide about opening it click here

  Batch 14:04 21 Mar 2014

RAR is a type of compressed archive (similar to a ZIP file). If you download and install 7-zip (7-zip.org ) you will be able to see what files are in the archive.

  Batch 14:06 21 Mar 2014

But note should be taken of the comments in the link referred to by lotvic all the same.

  Liteman 22:14 22 Mar 2014

Thanks for your replies

I have decided not to risk it and have deleted the email.

  wee eddie 23:57 22 Mar 2014

Did you think of scanning it with your AV?

  Liteman 11:17 23 Mar 2014

Wee Eddie - I scanned it with MS Essentials & Comodo and they found nothing. I did finally manage to send an email to the sender that wasn't bounced and still no response, so the coward in me took over and I deleted it.

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