Looking for help with Excel formula

  Charlie57 04:22 23 Dec 2008

At the end of the day our employees turn in a time sheet that list the "Task Number" and the "Time Taken" time will be written as 1.50, 2.25, 3.75 etc. One employee might work the whole eight hours on one task, turning in a time sheet that will read Task Number 100, Time Taken 8 hours. Another may do 12 task working as little as .25 hours on a task.
I would like a basic data entry sheet where we can key in the task and time each day. Then the formula would find all task "101" for instance and add all the "time" for the day for that task.
What would really be cool is that we key in the whole time sheet including name and date for all 15 employees, then we get a report that shows how much time was spent on each task. Then keep the task totals ongoing through out a project build. When the project was done we could run a summary report and see all times on all task and see each task each employee worked on.
Am I asking too much? Maybe there is someother software out there?
Thanks for any help

  STREETWORK 09:16 30 Dec 2008

click here

Worth a try...

  wee eddie 12:33 30 Dec 2008

There's a Gentleman called "Vog" who visits the Forum occasionally. He is a font of arcane Excel Formulae. He's helped me many times in the past and I'm sure he'll visit again shortly.

Meantime ~ The best of 2009 to you.

  Incony 04:23 01 Jan 2009

I use a self created excel timesheet that has the following parameters:
Work reference ( the job number based on the date and item ie: 0812 19 - 56 - year month day item)

Customer ( Joe Bloggs )

Location ( London )

Work Code ( A series of letters defining a specific kind of work ie: M might equal Mechanical Assembly)

Then the time inputs:
(in hours and minutes ie 1 hour and 15 minutes entered as 01:15:00 appears as 1:15 )

Travel to site ( The time spent getting to site)
Site Time ( The time spent onsite )
Travel From Site ( the time spent getting back )

Lunch / unpaid time ( when not working,ie: breaks)

The time one starts ( what time of day ie 08:00:00AM appears as 8:00AM

The time one finishes ( Automatically calculated by adding up Travel To site, Site Time, Travel From Site and removing Lunch / unpaid time.

So supposding one starts at 8 am, travels to site 2 hours, spends 2 hours onsite and takes 1/2 hour lunch, travels 2 hours back..
The time one finishes is shown as 14.30PM
and in the last last column :
The actual Hours... This is determined automatically, by adding the times and subtracting lunch / unpaid time - would show 6

Each day, has space for 5 rows, and fits on an A4 sheet. (7 days, plus employee info, date etc )

The columns are all totalled automatically, so totals for travel time.. time onsite, lunch / unpaid and total for week are shown.

I see such a timesheet could be adapted for what you seek.. one could just have one day on a sheet, and get over 35 rows and 8 plus columns of input for one day, plus on seperate sheets automatic totalling of overtime ( monday to friday at time and a half Sunday double time for example ) and another sheet that calculates miles based on speedo figure input and wether that is business miles ( paid for ) or private miles ( unpaid for )

ie 35 plus job numbers.. one day..

this is an Excel XLS file, and will also work on Open Office.

I can let you have a copy free, but to be discreet, i am not posting that here..:) email me incony AT incony.org

Then at least you can get an idea of how its done.

  Forum Editor 13:46 04 Jan 2009

via a published email address - it's an unwise move in a public web forum. That little envelope icon next to your name is there for a reason - people can contact you when invited to do so, but your address isn't revealed to them until/unless you reply. The message goes via our server.

  Incony 19:28 05 Jan 2009

OK.. type incony into google search...:)

i could have just said that.. and not provided any kind of link.. , at least the AT determines that someone must change the AT... Google can find pretty much anything now. (It found incony AT)

Incony has a mail server interface, everything coming in to it is junk unless i sanction it.. even then its junk at the independent and seperate final step unless i let that thru, and even then, Zone Alarm privacy determines what web sources even i can see after that, i determine that..once junk, always junk and everything is junk unless i open it.

I can count spam every week thats in my mail box on one hand.In fact i get more "junk" from legitimate groups i belong to. Junk because the messages are unrelated to my interest in the group.

One can hide, i could tighten what i let thru even more, and lock myself away. That really defeats the idea of a personal internet doesnt it..? why bother using your own PC then?, why not just go down the library and use theirs...?

I am someone.. even on the internet.

Lets say then that one shouldnt see PC Advisor e mail address, lets say one shouldnt see an MSN e mail address.. lets just stop e mail altogether.. thats safe.. but in honesty i do not envy the future that absolute safety brings.

Life is made by taking a calculated chance, its still a chance... that kind of chance took us to the moon, killed folks in the space shuttle,won someone a lottery, broke evil kneivils bones.

Fear not, PC advisor.. i sense we will never connect....Thank you for the advice.

  wee eddie 01:53 06 Jan 2009

FE's advice is sound.

While I don't agree with your logic, I do agree with your sentiment

  Incony 19:52 06 Jan 2009

"Theres no sensation to compare with this
Suspended animation, a state of bliss
Cant keep my eyes from the circling skies
Tongue-tied and twisted just an earth-bound misfit, i"


  wee eddie 20:48 06 Jan 2009

First saw the Floyd in the Marquee Club, by mistake. Went to see the Yardbirds but got the date wrong and decided to stay anyway.

  Incony 17:52 07 Jan 2009

Thank you eddie. Philosophy is not the subject here in this forum,and i have digressed enough.Darwin Awards is my choice of source and input for that.Ones truth is ones own, not anyone elses,even though it may be shared.
I still offer any help i can with excel, its as genuine an offer as i can give.

  wee eddie 09:25 08 Jan 2009

You are a welcome visitor and by adding your skills to our number, the knowledge of the whole is increased.

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