looking for good HW forum

  xalemo 11:31 20 Apr 2003

Hi guys,
Easter and nothing else to do than checking my old postings...lol
I post here a few month ago, I had a problem booting up with a new cpu. click here
I have tried most things advised, flashing bios, limiting HW ( just Hdd, gfx card, minimum ram and cd drives). Well I'm back with the same problem since I still have that god damn cpu.
If you are like me and a bit bored and don't mind looking into the problem... Or could you advise me on a HW site, forum where I could ask this question.
1000 thanks.

  xalemo 14:39 21 Apr 2003


  Pesala 14:46 21 Apr 2003

Nobody here today. All on the beach or watching cricket and snooker, I shouldn't wonder.

  Azzy 14:59 21 Apr 2003

Id just try all the forums in the magazines (computer ones of course)someone might be in and know!!!

  Big Elf 15:23 21 Apr 2003

I'm not in anyway an expert but the early version of the 2GHz chip drew 20 watts more power than the 1.3. It could be that your power supply is right on the limit and possibly unstable because of this. What is the rating of your PSU?

Never having experienced this kind of problem I'm not sure how far into the boot process you would get.

  xalemo 17:11 21 Apr 2003

PSU could be a clue... It has a power switch which would usually work fine, whn the machine is frozen, the switch does not work anymore.

  xalemo 08:12 22 Apr 2003

PSU is actually 300W. I tried again last night, installed XPPro with my old cpu and this is fine. Tried installing xp with the new 2G and it freezes after reformat, copy files, restart and start install win. The Win install after restart would take 40min, it freezes at 34-35 min remaining.
So i installed XP witht he old one, shut down and fit the new one back in. Win restarts fine but freezes on the Win desktop, the mouse does not move anymore, the power off on the PSU is dead too, had to reset.
Tried to twek a few things in cmos settings but the same.
Could it be the psu, not enough power?
I tried with an old pci graphics card but the same occured.
A weird thing, the cpu are both P4 skt 423, but when you look at the back, in the center, both have about 9 little rectangle for connection to the mobo, well one has got them vertical and the other one horizontal (???)
Any ideas more than welcome.

  xalemo 12:19 22 Apr 2003

any ideas?

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