Looking for a good free mp3 splitter

  keith-236785 17:09 28 Dec 2003


i have downloaded a full album from the internet to burn to a cd, but it came as one mp3 file. i would like to split the tracks but can't find a decent free splitter, all the free ones seem to do only the first five tracks.

does anyone know of a free splitter so i can enjoy this cd on my new car cd player?


  leo49 17:11 28 Dec 2003
  keith-236785 17:33 28 Dec 2003

thanks leo49, i have downloaded and run it but dont have time just yet to get my head around it.

much obliged mate.

  keith-236785 18:33 28 Dec 2003

leo49, the prog you linked to is great but.....

being a lazy bugger, i was looking for something that was automatic (yes i do want my cake and to eat it too lol)

so i will plod along but leave this thread going a while longer.

  leo49 18:36 28 Dec 2003

I don't think merely "lazy" does you justice. :o)

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