Looking for free web space? Ad-free too!

  Ben Avery 16:00 10 Sep 2003


For those who are looking for a simple to use web host which gives you 50MB of space, free for life, no ads or pop-ups and no need for an ftp server to upload (uploads done directly through the browser) then look no further!

With the only drawbacks (if you can call them drawbacks) being a max individual file size upload of 900K and no mp3's allowed go to click here and register for a free 50MB of web space.

If you already have some storage space, you could use this host to save all of your pages and images, and simply put any files over the 900K threshold onto your other storage place and link it!


  Forum Editor 18:41 10 Sep 2003

In fact it sounds almost too good to be true and, silly old cynic that I am, I find myself wondering why on earth anyone in their right mind would want to go to the trouble and expense of running a web server so that I could hand out free 50Mb chunks of space to anyone who happened along. What's in it for them? would be the first question I would ask myself, and of course we all know that there must be something in it for them.

To start with they want to attract advertisers - and they plan to do that by aggregating the hits on all the sites hosted on their servers. They can do that because you agree to it when you sign up. Once they have plenty of free-hosted sites they'll attract advertisers, and then there will be advertising on all the site's pages. No problems for you, because you have an ad-free guarantee.

You also have an unlimited bandwidth promise, but do not count on this, because it will not be the case. Try using big chunks of bandwidth and see what happens - you'll soon be off the server, no doubt about it.

Don't try using your space for any kind of file storage - If you have no hits and no site edits for 30 days you'll lose your space.

As long as you understand all of that it's a good deal - as long as the company lasts you can't really lose anything.

  Ben Avery 23:39 10 Sep 2003

You took the words right out of my mouth - I was only popping on when I posted the thread and yes, I did in fact know about those clauses too - however, for someone starting out who needs more than the usaully not-too-generous 2MB or so, this is a good idea.

Plus, as it's early days, the current subscribers are ad-free for life. This is why I've posted now and not in 6 months time!

I wouls like to add, in their defense, that they also offer a paid service with more benifits which, it seems, is taking off pretty well.

This combined with the fact that they want to attract custom means that if you register now you'll be in for a good deal.

P.S. NO-ONE can offer "unlimited bandwidth". Even Microsoft struggled when the blaster virus came out with their usually exceptional bandwidth so anyone who goes for it solely on this would be less than wise.

Still, admit it, it's a pretty good offer! ;o)


  Ben Avery 23:42 10 Sep 2003

Easy way to get around the 30 days problem:

1) make your site your home page (guarenteed hit each time you go online)


2) use a homepage whereby it also automatically logs you into your site manager (including password etc into the homepage web address). This will likely be classed as maintenance so will keep your account active!

At least I think so!


  Ben Avery 23:50 10 Sep 2003

For some reason I missed off the Peter! Sorry me old "china"! :o)


  Forum Editor 00:02 11 Sep 2003

I think you'll find that these people are less than likely to fall for the old trick of hitting your own site to maintain your account status. They're after genuine traffic, and they'll soon spot what you're doing.

As for "NO-ONE can offer "unlimited bandwidth"." of course they can - in fact many free hosting companies do just that. What they can't do is provide it - hence my warning. I'm not quite sure what Microsoft's server bandwidth has to do with all this, but still..

The current subscribers are not ad-free for life, they're simply ad-free at the moment. Circumstances can (and do) change, and ads can appear where non appeared before. Because you are paying nothing for the service you can't do much when the terms change suddenly - as they are prone to do, often.

I seriously hope that all my doom and gloom warnings are groundless. They certainly are not based on any personal knowledge of this company and I have no reason to suspect that they'll do otherwise than to provide what they say they'll provide. However, I've been around the block a few times, and life teaches you not to get too excited about offers like this.

  Ben Avery 00:09 11 Sep 2003

point taken, and I agree.

You are right about the ad-free bit too, I just re-read it! Sorry.

Yes I know that these things come and go regularly and as I said earlier, for people who want to start out this could be a good start.

I hope that they aren't too put off! :o)

Oh well, thread's done with I guess. I need some sleep!

Sorry again, hope you don't hold it against me?!


  Forum Editor 00:28 11 Sep 2003

(hold anything against you)? I agree that this service could be well worth trying - after all, you have nothing much to lose.

  Ben Avery 16:35 29 Sep 2003

Just a note re: the above. They do actually now offer a paid service which is pretty good with morer space (100MB) and have removed the 900k maximum and changed to (I think) 5MB.

paid service cost me $10 and seems to be really quick.

I've also hosted it with a free domain service called .tk at click here.

Site address is now click here

Could you give it whirl and let me know how it runs from your end please?

Thank you!


  Mysticnas 11:05 30 Jul 2004


does anyone know where and how much it'd cost if i wanted around 300-500mb of space?


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