Looking a free basic music editing software

  DANZIG 16:45 09 Oct 2008


I've been charged with editing a bit of music for work seeing as I'm the one 'who knows about computers aand that'

I have no idea what software to use or basically what the hell I'm doing....

Is there any software out there that will do the quickly and easily?

  Rahere 16:48 09 Oct 2008

Depending on what you want to do and what format the music is in - I was going to suggest Audacity (free!) and it's for recording as well as editing. Hopefully someone will be able to suggest something else too.

click here

  DANZIG 06:27 10 Oct 2008


I'll give that a shot!

  DANZIG 22:37 26 Oct 2008

I've given that a shot and after playing around with some tracks, thought I would give it a go on the track I actually wanted to fiddle around with.

Guess what.....its in WMA format and therefore it won't work.


  skidzy 22:41 26 Oct 2008

Convert the track with Switch to mp3 click here

Backup the original first

  skidzy 22:44 26 Oct 2008

For reference click here

If you play the audio file in media player and at the same time set audacity to record from the stereo mixer which is the sound card it should capture the track again for you so you can then do what you want.

  Forum Member2 22:47 26 Oct 2008


click here

  cocteau48 06:35 27 Oct 2008

Audacity is top notch but if looking for something a bit quicker to load/less complicated/easier to get to grips with:
Mp3 DirectCut
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