Looking for a decent budget monitor?.

  spuds 17:52 14 Feb 2013

I am on the market for a decent budget monitor, and was hoping that any fellow members might have the solution.Price upto/about £110.00

At present I have a Medion 15" crt, and an Acer AL 1913 flatscreen. But now require something for 'aged' computer eyesight.

Ebuyer are offering an Asus VH228D 21.5 LED VGA for £79.98 delivered with good reviews. Wondering if this might fit the bill, or is there something better for the price?.

As usual, any help advice appreciated.

  spuds 17:54 14 Feb 2013

Should have perhaps mentioned, the Acer is 19" model.

  Chronos the 2nd 18:07 14 Feb 2013

Nothing wrong with your choice and a good price. Just make sure is has the connections you need. I am not at my PC at the moment so cannot have a look for alternatives. Do you have a maximum budget and what GPU have you?

  spuds 20:01 14 Feb 2013

The Asus monitor that I mention apparently only as VGA hence the reduced 'clearance' price, but would a monitor with dvi/hdmi be a long term better buy?.

I am not looking for anything well over the top, just for basis computing,no gaming etc, so taking that into consideration, I want to stick to about £110 give or take!.

The 24" Acer might fit the bill, but I was wondering if this might be a little large, but open to suggestions.

  nickf 22:33 14 Feb 2013

I use a 27" monitor , as long as you have the space for it , the bigger the better !

  Chronos the 2nd 07:16 15 Feb 2013

If you have the desktop space then a 24" monitor is a must. I promise you that you will wonder how you managed with a smaller screen. The ability to have to web pages or documents side by side but still be perfectly readable is so useful.I like nickf swear by a 27" but am looking to move up to a 30" and I cannot see further than Dell who produce some of the best monitors out there. But they are not cheap. Though you can pick up a second hand one from this guy for a decent price and the guy is sound. Monitors.

I know you said it is just for basis computing but you should still get something that will last give good colour reproduction,have various connections. VGA is old school DVI HDMI are a must.

Bit of reading here.Bit-Tech.

But can I suggest this monitor which is an IPS and has good reviews. Ebuyer.

  spuds 09:04 15 Feb 2013

Thanks guys for the suggestions so far. I think that a 24" would be the right size, due to limitations.

Chronos- Checked out your links. The Ebuyer monitor reviews seems to have the same remarks about a 'flimsy' stand, which would possibly make me think of long term usage or effect. Something that I could possibly life with. There were a few other 24" monitors giving a good review rating, so I will check further, from other websites for pricing, warranty etc. Prefare a 3 year warranty than a 1 year with extended options.

Thanks again everyone, keep the suggestions coming, would add that selection and purchase is not an urgency, but with the 'right' model, then purchase will go ahead fairly prompt.

  rdave13 09:23 15 Feb 2013

This is the one I bought, AOC, and happy with it. Must say Chronos the 2nd's suggestion looks good for the price, though.

  spuds 10:06 15 Feb 2013

Just done some internet searches, regarding the suggestions made so far.

Chronos suggestion as some very good reviews and prices from most of the main well known suppliers. This actual model appears to have been released about 8/9 months ago, hence a good selection of reviews. There is also a few bits on YouTube about the LG IPS234V-PN.

  Chronos the 2nd 15:47 15 Feb 2013

This is rather tasty. Dell.

  spuds 00:20 16 Feb 2013

Having had a look around on the internet, I have seen the LG D2342P 23" VGA DVI HDMI 3D Monitor IPS based with some good reviews.

What's your opinion?.

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