Looking to buy a small notebook for travelling, any suggestions?...

  AWMedia 19:04 30 Jul 2013

Hi guys, so I'm travelling around Europe for the next month, I'm mainly a mac user but I have a macbook and I want something smaller to take travelling so I've decided to get myself a small PC notebook. The main thing I want to use it for is watching movies, typing and surfing the web.

I guess my priority is battery life, in case there isn't a mains point on buses etc.

Oh I want to go and buy it over the next two days!!! So it would need to be from a store in London and my budget is up to £500.

Also, I'm interested as to where people get these things insured?

Anyone got any suggestions? Much appreciated!



  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:42 30 Jul 2013

a small PC notebook

The main thing I want to use it for is watching movies, typing and surfing the web.

Sounds more like you need a tablet. I find the tablet much better (more comfortable) for movies and browsing plus it can also be used as an e-book reader, ideal for travelling.

  AWMedia 19:59 30 Jul 2013

But I want something with a keyboard, for typing emails, posts on forums etc.

  wee eddie 20:18 30 Jul 2013

FE gives the impression that the On-screen keyboard of whatever Tablet he has (I think an iPad) is quite adequate for the occasional email and forum entry.

I think that that is the route I'd go down unless you're planning to type a page or two.

By the same reasoning, the keyboards of the little NetBooks are said to be dire and their Atom Processors unreasonably slow, but at a £200 price tag not a bad deal.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:30 30 Jul 2013

I recently bought a Nexus 7 32G for travel, last weeks posts on this forum were all from the N7, keyboard use soon sped up.

Plus there is also an app that lets you type by swiping the keys. Not lifting off the keyboard really speeds up "typing"

Also it can be voice searched easily but I'm still playing with the voice typing though.

  Woolwell 22:37 30 Jul 2013

If you have a mac then I suggest that you look at the various versions of the iPad. The onscreen keyboard works well for emails, posting on forums, etc (although this site can prove a bit difficult from time to time).

  Woolwell 22:38 30 Jul 2013

Insurance for loss or theft should be covered under your household insurance. The iPad is very robust if you put it in a case. I dropped mine at an airport and it didn't blink in spite of a small dent on one corner.

  AWMedia 05:12 31 Jul 2013

Hi, I've just been doing some research on the Nexus and iPad options and there's just something about tablets which frustrate me, I feel restricted as a user and slightly manipulated to do things how they want me to do it (pay more money for certain services e.g. iTunes, Netflix, Spotify etc). Plus I find iTunes really frustrating to use personally.

I just feel I have more freedom if I'm using an actual computer for example I download most of my movies on my Mac Pro and to me it seems so much easier to transfer them to a notebook than to a tablet (via USB ports or other ways). Plus in terms of inputs, a notebook will have ethernet cables and other options, in case I need them. Also, I imagine there's less format issues with a notebook, I know I can always download codecs or plugins to play certain formats, whereas I feel with tablets that's different?

As someone who doesn't use tablets, I could be wrong with the above so any advice is appreciated, I need to make my decision soon! Thanks.

  The Kestrel 07:10 31 Jul 2013

This might suit your needs. click here

  AWMedia 07:17 31 Jul 2013

That looks good to me!

I guess the only upside to a tablet would be the battery life but if I buy more than one battery for this notebook, I'll be fine right?

Any thoughts on the tablet vs notebook comments above? I'm interested for some feedback.

  Woolwell 08:14 31 Jul 2013

On some of the modern net books/ultra books you cannot change the battery.

IMO tablets are making netbooks obsocelent. An ultra book may be what you require but will not have the battery life of a tablet.

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