Looking to buy new pc

  Wicksy67 11:43 31 Oct 2011

Buying a new pc seems like a bit of a minefield. Can anyone provide some advice on who to buy through ?

The current pc I have is about 6 years old (pentium) which is now struggling. Am looking to buy something that I won't have to replace for another 5-6 years.

I was looking at Dino pc but am having second thoughts due to their servcie reveiews (all on their webiste are great (as expected), but on other forums, they don't seem too good. I want to get the best I can for the budget and don't fancy buying parts I need to assemble myself.

Reviews I have found suggest ChillBlast / Novatech, or should I simply go to PC World, and keep it simple despite the lack of choice ?

Any advice would be great. Thanks.

  chub_tor 13:28 31 Oct 2011

You don't state what type or price of PC you are looking for but Click Here is this magazines review page for desktop PCs and you can sort by brand, rating, date reviewed or price.

  Wicksy67 13:56 31 Oct 2011

That would have been useful. Not Apple, not an all in one, and max budget £1000.

  Wicksy67 14:00 31 Oct 2011

That would have been useful. Not Apple, not an all in one, and max budget £1000.

  Bapou 15:54 31 Oct 2011

Recently replaced my 6 years old Dell Dimension desktop with a Dell Inspiron 620 MT. The Dimension gave no trouble during those years which I could not handle personally. Decision to buy new was simply, it was time to move on and upgrade.

6 years ago the Dimension cost me £1000 and nothing near the specifications on this Inspiron, Click Here at half the price.

Initially I was tempted to go for an Acer on a friend's recommendation but Dell served me well enough in the past to remain with them.

Purchase was ordered via the Dell website, delivered within 5 days.

Take your time look around the website, customise the computer to suit your needs and you should still be within budget.

Dell have a reputation for reliability and I can certainly vouch for that over the last 6 years.

PS. My wife loves the new slim line tower on the desk, "much better than that other monstrosity of a machine which was an eyesore."

Now there's a reccomendation. What more can I say?

  chub_tor 18:27 31 Oct 2011

If you are looking at Chillblast then this one has good reviews and comes in at exactly £1000

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