Looking to build my first Gaming PC

  [DELETED] 00:49 29 Nov 2013

I've always been a console gamer, Xbox 360, because of my mates and affordability. But over the last couple of years I've been wanting to get into PC gaming because of the modding community, the graphics and, of course, steam. However, being honest, I never really understood half of the things that were being said and all the technical details confused me haha. But I've attempted to piece together a PC but I have no idea whether it will be any good or whether it would actually work. I'll give you guys the components:

  • 8818R - CiT Vantage Type-R Gaming Case Black HD 4x120mm Red Fans Card Reader w/o PSU
  • AMD A8 6600K Black Edition, 100W, FM2, 4MB cache, 4300MHZ
  • EVGA GeForce GTX 660 Superclocked NVIDIA Graphics Card - 2GB
  • Corsair CP-9020015-UK CX 750W Power Supply 80+ Bronze (PSU)
  • Seagate 1TB SATA 3 Performance Hard Drive OEM ST1000DM003
  • Asus M5A97 Evo R2.0 AMD 970 AM3+ Motherboard
  • LiteOn IHAS124-04 24x SATA Half Height Internal DVDRW Drive - Black
  • Corsair Memory Value Select 4GB DDR2 PC2-6400 (800) Dual Channel Desktop

I also need to get either Windows 7 64Bit OEM or Windows 8 OEM.

I will be very grateful if anyone suggests any alternatives that may save me some money or anything I have included that seems unnecessary. These components add up to £597. I do not want to spend more than £600 in total and the cheaper the better really. I do not need a monitor as I hope to use my TV but I do need a wireless mouse and keyboard for relatively cheap if possible.

As I said i'm open to any and all suggestions as I am new to this and need all the help I can get really lol.

  [DELETED] 11:19 29 Nov 2013

A few suggestions:

(1).Your GTX660 isn't very power hungry so a 500W PSU is sufficient.

(2).Use the money saved to get this wireless keyboard/mouse bundle.

(3).Your << Corsair Memory Value Select 4GB DDR2 PC2-6400 (800) Dual Channel Desktop>> is the wrong type of Ram for your AM3+ mobo, get this Kingston DDR3 Ram instead.

  martd7 14:03 29 Nov 2013

I would recommend 8gb ram not 4gb as listed

  [DELETED] 14:53 29 Nov 2013

mart7 Quoted: <<I would recommend 8gb ram not 4gb as listed>>

True but I need to watch out for Gravy97's under £600 budget, I've just saved him/her around £30 by downgrading the PSU & spent that on a wireless keyboard/mouse.

Switching from the 4GB DDR2 Ram to 4GB DDR3 saving him/her probably another £20 which he/she can use to purchase the Win7/8 & I think 4GB Ram is enough to get it going until later should a Ram upgrade is imminent.

  martd7 17:34 29 Nov 2013

As the poster is purchasing a 64 bit os i would purchase the ram if they can extend the budget especially as he/she is buying the pc for gaming,the new COD ghosts game requires 6mb so i have read

  [DELETED] 21:46 29 Nov 2013

Thank you guys for replying to my post and making suggestions to help improve my plan :D I am very grateful.

Just wondered whether this setup is good enough to play games like BF4, Minecraft and Skyrim with decent graphics and framerates. Obviously I don't expect it to be amazing, I just it will be able to handle these types of games.

Or if you guys recommend a certain setup or a pre-built PC for under £600 I will be chuffed. I also want to be able to plug my PC into my TV because I don't have a monitor so please tell me if I need to make any changes. As I said i'm very new to PC gaming and are open and grateful to any suggestions :)

Thanks again guys :)

  [DELETED] 23:03 29 Nov 2013

Might actually buy a pre-built PC instead :/ I've found this one which seems alright, could someone who knows more tell me whether it is worth it please? :D

click here

  martd7 13:52 30 Nov 2013

weak graphics card and processor This one here has a faster processor and better graphics card but you would need to purchase the operating system

click here

  martd7 17:07 30 Nov 2013

wrong link

click here

  [DELETED] 23:24 01 Dec 2013

If you or can get your mates to help you build your first PC then it might be a good idea doing so ,any good warranty is still down to the mercy of PC maker's survival.

Here are some components suggestion from eBuyer:

Coolermaster K350 Case and Elite 500W PSU Bundle @ £54.98

Asus H81M-C Socket 1150 @ £42.81

Intel Core i5 4570 3.20GHz @ £146.52

MSI GTX 660 2GB @ £136.49

Kingston 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 @ £63.34

Seagate 1TB Internal Hard Drive @ £48.71

LiteOn IHAS122 22X SATA DVD±RW/DL Black Bare Drive - OEM @ £11.98

Microsoft Windows 8.1 DVD OEM- 64- Bit @ £72.98 or Win7 64bit

Logitech Wireless Keyboard-mouse MK270 @ £25.62

Total comes to £603.43 with supersaver free delivery & don't forget you may need a HDMI cable to connect to your TV.

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