Looking for a broadband supplier for friend.

  TommyRed 20:53 05 Dec 2004

My next door neighbour is on dial-up and his telephone bill for a quarter was a penny short of £100.00. As a retired man he doesn't have a great deal of money for setting up a BB connection, where can I get some cost comparisons for him? hopefully with all the set up costs included. There is no cable in our area and he's on XP Pro. TIA TR

  Eargasm 21:11 05 Dec 2004


I have just changed from dial up to b/b.

My old dial up was bt internet £5.99 per month + bt yahoo isp £5.99 plus vat £14 per month, they then introduced a 120 hours usage limit per month(which ain't a lot when always on here).

I now have tiscali 150 (three times faster) for £15.99 a month with no usage limits.

I reckon its got to be worth the extra 50p a week, but they have now introduced a £25 one off set up fee.

  William-192536 21:15 05 Dec 2004

Hi Tommy
Have alook at click here they are not the cheapest but they are the best, all phone calls are free they have free live help.there is also a members help board to help with any computer problems also free

  JollyJ 22:11 05 Dec 2004

if you are still looking take a peek at click here have a call centre in this country and are very helpful, and do both dial up and ADSL connections. i have been with both NTL and Tiscalli, who are great until something goes wrong. Both had me losing the will to live.

  TommyRed 22:22 05 Dec 2004

Your link didn't work, so I googled it, looks good but for our friend we would need everything either free or thrown in; modem, connection etc but thanks anyway my contract runs out early next year and I'll be looking around. TR

  The Kestrel 22:52 05 Dec 2004

Try Pipex. I have Solo 500 Lite, £19.99 a month for 512Mb service and 1Gb down/up load, which I have never exceeded, though I don't download music or many images. The modem and all set up costs are includede in the first months payment. Inital contract is for 12 months, otherwise modem and set up costs must be repayed.

The service and customer support is first class.

  GibsonSt19 01:31 06 Dec 2004

As I've said many times before, I can thoroughly recommend ndo.com

click here to see details of the option I took.

or maybe something like this (click here) would be better.

Their Customer Services have always been very professional, and quick to resolve any issues (not many at all).

Hope that helps.

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