Looking for best free IT courses

  CHRISMANNA83 10:12 13 Nov 2018

Hello everyone, I'm new to this so plz be gentle�so I have recently acquired an appetite for learning all I can about IT. Problem is I currently know diddly squat! I'm looking to be able to navigate around pc's so as to be able to help my children as they are getting older and will inevitably need assistance in the near future. I have seen loads of free courses online but don't know where to begin. So any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance Chris.

  wee eddie 11:13 13 Nov 2018

Can't advise about Courses on your PC but many U3As and OIRs run Computer Courses for the terrified/beginners

  wee eddie 11:55 13 Nov 2018

Even your local College of Further Education

  AroundAgain 17:30 13 Nov 2018

Hi Chris

Have you considered either video tutorials (YouTube) and/or tutorials on web pages? I would start at the beginning, ie

Windows 10 Beginner Tutorials

One of the tutorials from the list in first link

When you find a narrator that you like, then you could edit the original search and include that person's name. Then just work your way through various tutorials. If you don't like the narrator, then select a different video etc.

If you prefer reading, with pictures, etc, then something like this page may suit you (everyone has their own preferences, of course) Getting Started with Windows 10 My Google search was here Google search - Windows Beginners Tutorials

I would suggest you start with Basic Windows stuff, get to grips with that and then move on to emailing, word processing, browsing etc.

You could also check out if there is a Computer Club in your area. They often cater for beginners espeically, so that would also be a good route. You would also get a lot of support from 'real' people, too, hopefully ;) They may even run tutorials, workshops etc whereby you take a laptop with you (some clubs will have some laptops members can use at the workshops if they've only got a PC)

Hope that is helpful to you :)

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