Long wait for emails to start downloading or sending

  polymath 22:42 27 Jun 2012

Sorry this is a bit lengthy - just trying to save people a few questions!

Last week, when receiving or sending mail, the preliminary communications with both servers suddenly got protracted (about 2 minutes). After that, the mail gets received/sent as fast as always.

The problem's only with email (browsing is normal). I'd updated to Thunderbird 13.0.1 at around the same time, as had some other people in a Mozilla forum topic who were having similar problems at the same time. On suggestions there, I tried restarting Thunderbird with add-ons disabled (in case of incompatible ones), and then going back to the previous version; no difference. I don't keep large collections of emails, or neglect compacting, so it can't be that. And my problem seems to be independant of ping results (which are often faster to the mail servers than to addresses like Google).

I tried Windows Mail (once I remembered about it!); same problem there. And the Thunderbird forum topic's ground to a halt in any case, so everyone seems to be stumped.

I've checked all the relevant settings I can think of, and I don't think it's an antivirus thing either. I have mine (AVG Free) scanning incoming messages but not outgoing, and the problem's with both. And all of us with the same problem had different AVs. I have the Windows Firewall on. And possibly my router's, but I don't think the problem's in that direction.*

Did a complete computer scan with AVG, nothing found.

The only other thing I can think of is that the problem appeared soon after installing a bunch of Windows updates offered on June 12th (installed a few days later). I've tried a system restore (with no improvement), but the earlist date available was the day after installing the updates. Anyone here know of any relevant problem with them? (Sorry, no time to list them now - will do when I come back in the morning if it helps).

Vista Home Premium SP2, Thunderbird 13.0.1, Windows Mail 6.0.6000.16386, Firefox 13.0.1, Internet Explorer 9.

*It's my first router. I simply plugged it in (without using any software), and the wireless connection just worked; no problem with email or anything else. The email problem started 2-3 weeks later. I don't know yet if its firewall's switched on. And yes, I am going to secure the connection soon; just been busy, and nobody within range here!

  Woolwell 22:47 27 Jun 2012

Who is your ISP? Could be their end.

  rdave13 22:56 27 Jun 2012


  polymath 22:01 28 Jun 2012

Thanks both! Sorry I didn't get back this morning - I'm currently using my notebook computer, and wanted to try email in my desktop computer before replying. It's been out of commission, waiting till I'd got its AV working again. As luck would have it of course, the job was far from straightforward (AV installation file download no 2 to the notebook still in progress!).

'What ISP?' No straightforward answer I'm afraid. You won't have heard of it/them, as I'm in Ireland (no ISPs in common with the UK, apart from 1 all-Ireland one). My broadband comes from a fixed-wireless connection. It's ultimately from a provider (Airspeed) covering several counties, but a very local one-man band called Antenna is the firm I pay for it, so I guess he's my ISP. I'll ring/text him in the morning, if the email problem also appears in the desktop. (Considering all the customer-service woes I read about, there's something to be said for having an ISP called John).

  polymath 18:07 01 Jul 2012

Problem solved (though not fixed) by ISP's reply. It is indeed the mail servers' fault (somewhere beyond the ISP's territory, unfortunately!).

  rdave13 18:12 01 Jul 2012

polymath there's something to be said for having an ISP called John

Now that made me laugh.

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