long time to access e-mail.

  yogibear 01:03 21 Jun 2003

I access the net via NTL BB 600kbs service. All was (relatively) well until a week or so ago. It suddenly became a major feat to access my e-mail, by either Outlook Express or NTL's website.
When I try to retrieve, I keep getting the message "Your Pop3 server has not responded for 60 seconds, do you wish to continue". I have altered the timeout settings up and down and still nothing happens.
Is there something I am missing? I have even run windows setup again in case something had been deleted / changed, but no joy.

  powerless 01:06 21 Jun 2003

Disable your Anti Virus and firewall, see if that helps (if your running them).

  The Spires 01:10 21 Jun 2003

There was a thread click here It looks like it depends where you are in the Uk.

  The Spires 01:11 21 Jun 2003

And another, I noticed on this post there are a few links as to servers etc. click here

this might sound silly but i was having a problem a while ago that was very similar,

i have two email accounts linked to one identity, one would download messages no problem but the other would not, now it turned out that it was waiting for me to enter a password but the password box was being displayed behind the OE window so try dragging the oe window down to check for a password box behind.

it sounds more likely though that the problem is at the other end talk to your mail provider.

  yogibear 09:57 21 Jun 2003

Thanks for that. I saw the e-mail from NTL regarding change of service, but it stated that the probs would not apply if you used another package such as Outlook Express. WRONG!

Looks like we poor NTL users will just have to tolerate it for the moment. Like British Rail, they're getting there :-)

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