Long term stability of flash memory

  greenlamp 18:22 17 Oct 2008

Does anyone have any ideas about the long term stability of flash memory [as found in usb pen drives, sd cards etc.]. As prices are dropping I have been considering using these for archiving photographs [as well as on 2 hard drives and dvd, yes I am paranoid]. However I seem to remember reading that eproms only have an expected stable storage time in the region of 10 years.

  MarvintheAndroid 18:52 17 Oct 2008

Another thing to consider if you are archiving over such long periods (10 - 20 years) is the connectivity that will exist with future pc systems. Look back at the types of port that were available on PC systems 10 years ago, and you will see my point. Our new modern super fast USB ports will look pretty tired in 10 years time, and may not even be supported as newer faster transfer protocols come along.

Just a thought.


  Bris 19:25 17 Oct 2008

Dont you just love Windows? Just about to finish typing this respones when it threw me out of the Internet, told me it was configuring updates and then rebooted without a bye your leave. Good job I wasnt in the middle of several hours of unsaved work! Anyway, I read in a mag recently that the life of a flash drive was indeterminate I suppose because they havn't been around long enough. I seem to remember that there was, a while ago, mention of a maximum number of read and writes but this seems to have disappeared I just wonder whether, with the advent of solid state hard drives, it will rear its ugly head again?

  GRIDD 19:57 17 Oct 2008

"Good job I wasnt in the middle of several hours of unsaved work!"

Always save as regularly as you can, every hour or so..... several hours of unsaved work lost deserves a "tough luck" comment.

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