Long and regularly lag spikes while gaming

  Akkatest 23:54 13 Dec 2014

This problem have started the last few days i have been gaming Call of Duty: Black ops 2. I did not have this problem before. Some times my screen just flashes really fast in a blink of an eye; I just see some small black stripes. This flash is so fast that the flash itself doesn't case any problems for me, but it's what happens after; I start lagging. I am lagging for a few minutes after the flash, then after a while the screen flash again the same way, and it's back to normal. It's almost like the FPS is dropping drastically, but the wierd thing is that this is happening so randomly, it does not seem like it is affected by textures and landscapes, because it seems like it happens everywhere... even in combats where there are not much going on, like when i just sit still doing nothing. I do have a laptop that is slow, and i think i lay around 60 fps while im gaming, but not 100% sure about the number; but I have never had any lag problems while playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 on the lowest graphic.

  rdave13 00:06 14 Dec 2014

Not much info so I would suggest checking your internet speeds at different times. Your ISP might be throttling you. When the game gets unplayable then quit it. Run Ookala speed test as soon as you can.

Save the info and build a picture before you contact your ISP.

Are you maintaining the PC? Running Ccleaner will make a difference to your cashe.

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