long pause before windows xp pro boots

  k_g2000 22:29 07 Feb 2003

I just built my first system,It has an asus a7s333 motherboard , 256 pc2700 333 ddr ram and an athlon 2000xp+. My problem is that after the post I get about a 15 minute pause on a blank screen before windows starts to boot , I have a 40gig 7200rpm seagate baracuda hard drive.
Any help would be greatly accepted.

  Tempest1 00:51 09 Feb 2003

Had a similar problem on my pc , not quite as long though. Used a free download from click here called Boot Vis. Now after the bios screen and logging in on XP Pro I'm up and running in 30 seconds

  grove34 01:04 09 Feb 2003

its not on the site m8

  Djohn 01:36 09 Feb 2003

k_g2000, don't know the answer on this one, but I suggest a download is not what you require!

I would think something major needs attention, and this will most likely be with your BIOS, or motherboard settings.

  eccomputers 02:18 09 Feb 2003

boot vis is here....

click here

click on downloads

  eccomputers 02:29 09 Feb 2003

you need to visit the asus web site for your motherboard. I notice there are concerns with your processor speed not being set correctly for one thing. Check your bios version and update accordingly.

There was also this on their support site...

When I enable "Plug and Play OS" in A7S333 BIOS, the system hangs on POST. How do I solve this issue?

Please update A7S333 BIOS to 1004 version to solve it. You can download the BIOS from:
click here

Hope this helps

  k_g2000 18:55 12 Feb 2003

Hi guys
Sorry for the slow response but I forgot all about this thread . Anyway problem solved , I changed the boot sequence , changed the udma connecters around ( not the ribbon cables ) fdisked , installed xp again and everythings fine , ( also I changed the jumpers on the hard drive from master to cable select ) . I'm definitly going to get the bios updates though , because I do have a problem with max speed and current speed ( cpu ).
Thanks everyone for all your help.

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