Long Internet Explorer Pauses

  louwie 21:35 27 Feb 2003

I am suddenly getting long pauses in internet explorer. The progress bar goes to the end & then suddenly stops. The pointer is still free to move but it will not allow me to click anything. Can anyone help?

  MichelleC 08:55 28 Feb 2003

What operating system r u?

  ShorN 11:22 28 Feb 2003

and mines been doing the same lately, im on 512k broadband with plusnet.

Any help any one!!

  davidg_richmond 11:51 28 Feb 2003

all i can suggest is to clear the temporary internet files regularly - i have selected the option Tools/Internet Options/Advanced/Empty Files so it deletes all these when i close.

It also helps to stop any sounds playing when you are browsing, as otherwise there tends to be a pause as it 'dings' when you click on a link. again look in options.

other than that, make sure you have the latest version of your browser and maybe even your graphics card

  louwie 22:14 28 Feb 2003

I am running windows 98

  MichelleC 11:19 01 Mar 2003

You could try on ie repair option via add/remove. 98 and ie6 can go wonky, so you could revert to 5.5 and try that.

  louwie 23:00 12 Mar 2003

I have tried using the repair option in ie6 & it seems to have worked, but it has now created a problem with incredimail. Incredimail now keeps freezing up. Any ideas????

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