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Long distance USB 2 extension

  anskyber 21:23 27 May 2006

With my limited PC knowledge I have set up a modem/router which has allowed me to network my PC with my old laptop. My wife is keen to use the old laptop for very, and I mean very, occasional internet use and e-mail.

My PC is on the only ethernet connection to the router (I chose the ethernet for the main use because I understood the connectivity for bandwidth was better) which leaves a single USB connection on the router for the laptop on which I set up the connections which now work. It may seem straitforward to many but for me it is a minor triumph.

My problem is the potential limit to USB connectivity. To make the join I need something like 10 meters of cable. (please do not mention wireless I'll take that step another day!) I have found this click here but I am sceptical. Any thoughts?

  Newuser2 21:34 27 May 2006

I stand to be corrected but I'm sure you will get a serious signal loss on a USB cable of that length.
Surely your router has more than one output socket.
Why not get a patch cable and connect the laptop via that.
I have router down satirs and a patch cable running up into the loft and down again into my sons room, must be over 30foot long, no loss of signal at all.
If you go to Belkins web site there is a wizard which will show you all you need.

  anskyber 21:40 27 May 2006

Thanks but its not a wireless modem/router and it has one ethernet and one USB connection. It is the entry level hardware with my new Zen BB.

  anskyber 21:43 27 May 2006

To demonstrate my lack of knowledge how does a patch cable differ in performance to a "standard" USB 2?

  anskyber 21:44 27 May 2006

These devices being the type I have highlighted?

  Newuser2 22:17 27 May 2006

A patch cable is not a USB cable its an ethernet cable which connects computer to computer via the RJ ports on the computers. This is the link to belkins wizard click here ://

  Newuser2 22:21 27 May 2006

Sorry the link didn't work properly.
Copy and paste the link I just posted into your browser.

  anskyber 22:24 27 May 2006


  namtas 22:46 27 May 2006

5 metres is the maximum length of usb cable that is recommended, I dont think you will find longer, you can add a special powered extension. Or you could use a powerd USB hub to get the length. I would back VOG's suggestion as the way to go

  anskyber 09:39 28 May 2006

Many thanks everyone. It looks like wireless or the switch option for me.

  anskyber 22:05 28 May 2006

Thank you. It was a solution like that which prompted me to start this thread.

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