Long delay when inserting pictures in Word 2007

  worldmeetslearn1 03:40 06 Feb 2014

Has anyone else come across the following problem in Word 2007? - When I click Insert, Picture, it freezes for ages, only allowing me to insert the picture after an annoyingly long wait. What have I done to cause this problem?

  northumbria61 04:33 06 Feb 2014

Windows 7 - Word 2007 - for me inserting a picture is a split second.
The only thing I can suggest is that you do a repair on MS Office - Control Panel - Programs & Features - MS Office - click Change - choose Repair

  hastelloy 07:51 06 Feb 2014

What's the file size of the photos you're inserting?

  Nontek 09:11 06 Feb 2014

When I do the same exercise, the insertion is instant! Tested with pic size 1.7Mb

  worldmeetslearn1 10:32 06 Feb 2014

Yes - until very recently it was "instant." Something has changed and I don't know what. These images are all 30-50kb - not that big.

We have a site that is still html, and we post content in Word files.

The photo on top of this page is a prime example. For some reason, it took almost a minute to be inserted into the Word doc:

click here am much obliged for any advice.

William Kern


  Woolwell 11:57 06 Feb 2014

Are you saving the photo first?

  worldmeetslearn1 13:06 06 Feb 2014

Yes. Photos are saved on the server, and then the entire link to the graphic is inserted into the word document.

  Woolwell 15:28 06 Feb 2014

I think that you may have to look at the link to your server.

  worldmeetslearn1 03:22 12 Feb 2014

It's not the link on the server - because those links work perfectly well on their own. The only issue is a huge delay in getting Word to insert the picture - sometimes up to a minute long.

  Woolwell 11:43 12 Feb 2014

Is it possible to save a picture direct to a PC's harddrive rather than the server and see if it still takes as long to insert the picture?

  wee eddie 12:01 12 Feb 2014

Woolwell has the answer that I was about to add. Just save it to your Desktop (easy to find) and than delete it when you have added it to the document.

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