Logon - pop.freeserve.com ?

  russmini 21:29 14 Mar 2005

Ok, not too sure how to put this so bear with me.

Just come round to my brothers house who when he is opening outlook express (6), he logs on to the internet with no probs but then keeps getting the above pop up with OK or CANCEL, problem realy is it does not matter which you press, you get the same end result, No recieving or sending of messages. This keeps popping up, press ok tries again then this pops up again, reckons he has not changed anything but now says his fist will be going through monitor soon. Any help would be nice.

He is getting so fed up he says he will throw it in the bin and go to PCW and buy a new comp, this he thinks will solve all his probs.

Running XP, but have no clue yet about rest of system, i am downloading everest as we speek but god aint it slow on dial up !

Please help

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:05 14 Mar 2005

click here= Is he running Norton perchance?


  russmini 23:20 14 Mar 2005

GANDALF <|:-)>, thanks mate, could be NAV but by the end they seem to be blaming AVG, His NAV has just gone belly up anyway saying that it needs to be uninstalled then reinstalled, so still at lost end there, might go back over and uninstall it then get AVG on anyway and get a few more helping programs on and try again.

Any more help ?

Anybody ?


  russmini 22:51 15 Mar 2005


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