Logon password for Windows 2000 Pro on a network

  John-241827 21:58 26 Nov 2003

I have a Windows 2000 computer which is a client on a small home network. Whenever I try to access it from another machine, it asks me for a password, and I have no idea what the password is. Can anyone help please?

  sdf 22:24 26 Nov 2003

either your windows logon or the password of whoever is logged onto that machine at the time, i think.

  John-241827 22:36 26 Nov 2003

I have tried those sdf, but they don't work, and I can't find an answer to this in the Microsoft sites. It's got me totally baffled.

  temp003 06:30 27 Nov 2003

Assuming a simple peer to peer network, make sure on all machines you have TCP/IP (or other common protocol), Client for Microsoft Networks, File and Printer Sharing, installed and enabled (Right click My Neighbourhood Places, Properties, right click relevant local area connection, Properties, General tab, check all 3 are ticked).

Then make sure you have enabled at least a shared folder or shared printer.

Make sure each computer is joined to the same Workgroup (Right click My Computer, Properties, Network Identification tab, Properties).

Then make sure you have the same user accounts and passwords on the relevant machines (or if not, enable Guest account on relevant machines, provided the Guest account has permissions to access the shared folders).

  John-241827 22:05 02 Dec 2003

Thanks for the help temp003, I will try out your suggestions and see if they do the trick

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