Logon Error access denied !!!

  rupie 22:48 31 Jul 2003

Am running win2000 onmy PC, with no prob. Have tried to put second HDD on computer, for backup reasons. When Started machine the new drive was seen but I was told to reboot due to an unforseen error. When it came to the usual logon screen and I put in my user name and password the screen went clear and asked for them again. I cannot get any further than this screen. Sometimes it it is 20 sec before this prompt comes up again. I have removed the second HDD and the fault is the same. I have tried everything I know to solve the problem. All user names and pass words do the same. If I spell the password wrong then the usual not recognised error comes up. It will not let me boot up in safe mode or boot to DOS. I have also tried to repair 2000 frm the setup disks to no avail.

  VoG II 23:10 31 Jul 2003
  temp003 09:41 01 Aug 2003

The problem described at click here may be what you are having. The addition of the 2nd hard disk may have caused a drive letter change.

The only solution suggested in the article which is available to you seems to be the last one, solution number 5. Boot up the computer with a DOS or 98 boot floppy and use the command fdisk /mbr

In some circumstances, using rewriting the MBR using the fdisk /mbr can cause data loss, although if there's no other solution, you may have to try it.

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