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  Billy911 16:21 23 Aug 2004

When I inserted a logo I created in Fireworks into a Dreamweaver web page (which has a blue background) there is a white box going all the way roung the logo. Is there anyway to get rid of this box? I know it's something to do with creating a transparent background to the logo but I am unsure how to do it.

  Forum Editor 18:57 23 Aug 2004

Go to File and select 'New.

When the new file dialogie box opens you'll see, on the left-hand side:- 'Canvas colour'.

click on the button next to 'Transparent'.

Now create your logo, and there'll be no white box when you insert it into your page.

  Forum Editor 18:58 23 Aug 2004

next key along - dialogue. Sorry.

  Billy911 19:19 23 Aug 2004

Thanks for that. I'll remember for the future. The thing is I have already created the logo and wondered if there's a way to get rid of the white box from this logo.

  Taran 23:40 23 Aug 2004

I normally cheat when it comes to this, if I've somehow designed with colour where transparency would have been preferred. I open the page in Microsoft FrontPage, put the logo where I want it, activate the Pictures toolbar and use the 'Set Transparent Colour' tool to set a transparent area based on colour selection. All you do is click on the colour in the picture that you want to make transparent and off it goes and does just that, saving the image as a GIF in the process.

Since I have no idea whether you have FrontPage or not, and since I don't want to bore you with any more twaddle, we'll do the Fireworks way for now.

1. Open your image.

2. Click on Modify

3. Scroll to Canvas (normally the first option listed)

4. From the pop-out menu choose Canvas Color

5. From the available options choose Transparent

Being a naturally lazy hack I revert to the FrontPage tool for speed sometimes though...


  AcidBurn7uk 23:45 23 Aug 2004

if you saved the file with a .png extension then the image would retain all its layers etc (I.E. It won't be flatened, unless you done it yourself). So, if you saved it with a .png you should be able to open the image in fireworks again. Select everything you want by holding down the shift key and clicking what you need to keep. Then click Edit --> Copy. Then, as FE said, create a new image and the paste the selections from the other image into your new image.

I think I probably make it sound a bit more complicated than it is, but sorry about that.

Of course, of you don't have the .png extension, then you will have to create the image again. I know how that feels, but we learn from or mistakes.

Hope this helps,

  AcidBurn7uk 23:49 23 Aug 2004

aahhhh, Taran posted while I too was posting.

Taran your a genius (as always), I never knew you could do that in Fireworks! I don't use Frontpage so dodn't know you could use that either!

Billy911, ignore me. I am not worthy enough of offering advice over the grat Taran. Take his advice, it much easier.


  Billy911 12:48 24 Aug 2004

Thanks very much everyone - it worked!

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