Logitech X230 Problems

  TicTacToc 19:29 09 Mar 2006

Ok, so I bought these speakers because of their good prices and reviews.

They arrived today and I hastily unwrapped them and as I was downstairs I teseted them in my laptop by plugging them into the headphone socket and they worked wonderfully and the sound sounded great.

So then I take them upsstairs to connect to my desktop computer. I plug in the subwoofer place the speakers on my desk and plug the green headed cable from the main speaker into the green slot in the back of my case. My motherboard is the Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe.

Whenever I hover the cable near those plugs the speakers hum and buzz. However they do not work.

There are two slots on the front of my casee, one with an icon of headphones, however the speakers dont buzz if I hold it near them or work. . .

Any ideas
Sorry if its a silly problem

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