Logitech WebCam for XP fault

  Baslla321 15:06 19 Dec 2003

My Logitech Quickcam Express for win XP has developed some fault. The camera can take pictures but the result of videos now is a black screen although the audio is OK. I tried checking all their Help section but nothing seems to cover this problem. I have sent an email to Logitech asking for help but I am not expecting any answer.The camera connections are OK. I wonder if its worth uninstalling the software and reinstalling? Any possible hints please?

  johnnyrocker 15:10 19 Dec 2003

that would be my suggestion or if a recent prob and previously ok try system restore back to a known good time?


  critic-al 15:12 19 Dec 2003

have you tried software updates and xp patch from
click here

  anchor 15:23 19 Dec 2003

I have found that the European support service of Logitech is very good, and a fairly prompt reply can be expected.

[email protected]

Of course, the camera could have developed a fault, but in the meantime try removing the software, and download & install the latest drivers from here:

click here

It may be a silly suggestion, but have you remembered to open the lens cover, if your model has one. My Logicam does, and I sometimes forget.

  Baslla321 15:34 19 Dec 2003

I have already the latest updated software as you indicated. It takes good pictures but not videos now, so the lens is OK. Will C if Logitech come up with a reply.

  Baslla321 15:40 19 Dec 2003

I hace resent my help email to logitec to the address you showed me, which is probably the correct one. I

  Baslla321 16:18 19 Dec 2003

I went to the Logitech website Help and I found out that this Webcam has a repair facility. Briefly its from Add/Remove, click 'Change'/Next/Instalshield/Repair/next/ Install/finish/restart computer. Well, it did it! My video is back to normal. Thanks to all.

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