Logitech webcam undetected

  davey0001 08:33 13 Nov 2003

I have a compaq laptop 4210T windows98 and no USB port. I wanted to use a webcam with MSN messenger so got a 2.0USB cardbus adaptor for the pcmcia slot. And great...everthing fits together ok but...msn can't detect the cam and it's not showing up in the device manager either?
Now i find reading the software info that logitech cams are "not supported on any type of USB to parallel or serial adaptor".
But it also says: "Note: You can purchase add-on Peripheral Component Interface (PCI) USB cards that work with Logitech cameras".
It's all getting a bit complicated! Im stuck!!:)
(Thanks for reading all that folks)! D

  Diodorus Siculus 08:49 13 Nov 2003

"You can purchase add-on Peripheral Component Interface (PCI) USB cards that work with Logitech cameras" - A PCI card will only go into a desktop machine, not a laptop. So it seems to me that you are out of luck.

I am not sure what the situation is as regards a refund... did anyone tell you that it was suitable for your laptop? Maybe a goodwill exchange will be a possibility?

  Lozzy 08:51 13 Nov 2003

Have you installed from the Win 98 CD the USB controllers and drivers?? To check go into device manager and look for the Line headed Universal Serial Bus Controllers. If you see that line click the + to the left and you should see a line called Logitec if not then re install the drivers.

  davey0001 09:06 13 Nov 2003

ah right. Well, i went to the device manager and there is no mention of Logitech when i click the '+' sign?! Only stuff like 'NEC PCI USB host controller'etc. Does that mean the software is not installed properly perhaps?. Although you install that once...then restart...and are prompted to insert the cameras USB cable. It's very specific about plugging that in at the right moment. I click.."plug in later' option. I have the desktop icons etc for logitech so something is on there!? :)

  davey0001 09:14 13 Nov 2003

Diodorus Siculus...Actually it was info from this helproom that put me on the cardbus in the first place. They wern't to know (and i didn't at the time) that Logitech were sooo particular! :) D

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